Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mid-Week Eats: Kimchee

There's always a huge queue outside Kimchee on High Holborn. I visited back in 2011 when it had first opened. Easter Monday was the perfect chance to revisit as my parents were wanting to try something new and there was no queue for once!
A choice of utensils.

We started with some sides to share. This is the vegetable mandu - lovely light dumplings with a soy dipping sauce.

Next up was the jap chae - vermicelli noddles with stir-fried beef.

Lastly, and my favourite, yang yeum prawns - spicey giant prawns in an edible rice paper basket.
For my main I had chicken dolsot bibimbap. Don't be scared of the raw egg - you mix everything yourself with red chilli sauce and the heat of the pot cooks the egg.
A cauldron of food. The pot is super hot so the food stays warm until you've finished it.

My mum had the beef dolsot bibimbap. For those wanting the true authentic experience, there is also an option with raw beef.
I'd definitely recommend a visit to Kimchee - there's a reason for the long queues but after going back a week after this visit, the queue moved fast and we were seated and served quickly. The prices are reasonable - my main here was around £8 and there are lots of smaller dishes which are great for sharing with friends. For £2.50 you can try some traditional kimchee, a delicacy served with every Korean meal - it's definitely an acquired taste but one that you might as well try!

Do you like Korean food?


  1. I've never tried Korean food but it looks lovely!

  2. I've never tried Korean food but it looks lovely!

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing, I need to try Korean food at some point!

    Maria xxx

  4. All of this looks amazing. And is making me so hungry!


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