Friday, 31 May 2013

Kettners Afternoon Tea

My friend I is getting married soon which only means one thing: a hen do! We started the day with afternoon tea at Kettners, Soho. Pleased to report that there was not a penis straw in sight and that tea and cakes is definitely a good prelude to 5pm cocktails...
The menu. We opted for the classic afternoon tea as cocktail making was planned for later in the day. The choice of teas is huge - I love trying different teas so opted for the virtuous-sounding lemon verbena.
How pretty is this display? I don't really like merringue but something about these just made me want to pick one up and bite into it. I didn't do that though.
So, I know you're meant to start with the sarnies but the cake plate definitely grabbed my attention first. This contained a mini macaroon, a spoon of bread and butter pudding with custard, an almond slice, a chocolate millionaire's shortbread and a rhubuarb and elderflower jelly. I loved how inventive the selection was - no boring sponge cake or tasteless pastries. I can't pick my favourite. Don't make me, please (oh, ok, the shortbread was pretty amazing).
The scones. Perfectly formed. With cream and jam for topping.

Kettners Soho Afternoon Tea
The platter. The sandwiches contained salmon, cucumber, egg and ham - the classics. The different breads were a really nice touch. I've given up bread but this was a "special occasion" so it was pretty exciting to eat it again, especially in its white, crustless form (the crack cocaine of the bread world). 
Peeking through the food, shortly before demolishing it. In a ladylike fashion, of course. The portion size was Goldilocks perfect - not too little and not too much.
The afternoon tea was a great start to a day of hen-do fun. The setting was lovely, in an Edwardian style townhouse with high ceilings and large windows. If you do visit, please take a trip to the ladies - definitely not your average loo. At around £20 each the afternoon tea is well-priced for central London, I've definitely paid a lot more in the past and not been as impressed. The staff were great about bringing extra pots of tea to our large group which is always a good sign.

What's your favourite afternoon tea destination?



  1. your post has made me so hungry and I am now craving cucumber sandwiches for lunch

  2. Afternoon tea is always my favourite thing to do! This looks delish!

  3. This looks lovely! i love afternoon tea and a great idea to start off a hen do.

  4. Oh goodness me this looks amazing.

  5. This sounds amazing, especially for the price! I was fixated on the cake plate too, it all looks delicious...

    Maria xxx


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