Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mid-Week Eats: The Princess of Shoreditch

Sometimes only traditional comfort food will do. The Princess of Shoreditch menu promises traditional British fare and on a freezing cold Tuesday this was exactly what I was looking for. The pub is on Paul Street and from the outside looks pretty unassuming. The dining room is up some rather precarious looking spiral stairs (not suitable for those wearing heels, as I was) but once the stairs had been successfully navigated, the dining room was spacious and most importantly, warm.

The decor is simple and unfussy and menus are printed daily on brown paper. There are changing daily specials as well as a fish of the day.

The Princess of Shoreditch
I chose the Scotch egg to start. I don't think I've ever eaten one before but after discussing them with my dining companions before ordering I was curious to try one! It came served on wooden board with apple chutney and mixed leaves.

The yolk of the egg was still runny, which I was not expecting but definitely made this nicer than the average Scotch egg that you see sitting sadly on buffets. The apple chutney perfectly completmented the sausage meat and the breadcrumbs were perfectly crisp. This was my favourite part of the meal - I'd definitely re-visit just for the Scotch egg!

I don't usually like fish and chips as it's something that usually looks pretty average and unappealing. This, however, was amazing. The fish of the day was haddock and it came in a light but satisfyingly crispy batter. The chips were chunky and piping hot. There is really nothing worse than just-warm chips. There are mushy peas hiding under the fish and tartare sauce on the side. This was a huge portion but it was so good that I ate it all (despite already being full from the giant Scotch egg!).
Traditional British food is something that I usually overlook in favour of more exotic and unusual tastes but done really well, as it was here, it is definitely worth passing up on sushi, tacos and burgers for.

In a bite: Gastro-pub perfection!

Price: Not cheap for pub food, but this isn't average pub food and £12 - £14 for a large-portioned main course doesn't feel like a rip-off.

Return: For the Scotch egg, yes!

Wasit-line friendly: Not really, but occasionally only comfort food will do! The freezing walk there and back probably burnt off some of the calories, right? There is only one vegetarian starter and main so not the most veggie-friendly destination but there are still options there.

What are your favourite British eats?



  1. I don't think i've ever had a scotch egg but this one sure does look good, i prefer my eggs runny. This place rings a bell but i haven't been before so will need to rectify this

  2. I love Scotch eggs and runny ones are my favourite!

    Maria xxx

  3. Thats mental never seen a scotch egg knocking about a restaurant before! Looks yummy! xx

  4. Hong kong looks amazing and so do you! you're so lucky to go there, my favourite british thing is creme eggs, i live down the road from cadburys and couldn't live without them! cassie xx



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