Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Getting My Bake On: Slutty Brownies

Ever since reading about slutty brownies I've wanted to make (and eat) them. Unfortunately I do not own an oven so baking at home is not really an option. I convinced my friend P eating these would be a good idea and we took over his kitchen in pursuit of slutty brownie goodness. They were very satisfying to make as there was no weighing or measuring or any of that "folding in" malarkey.

I bought the only cookie and brownie mix that Waitrose sold. The quantity of the cookie mix was about half that of the brownie mix but it still worked out fine!
Oreo layer. They fitted perfectly. Eat the extra Oreos while pondering how weird American chocolate tastes.
Channeling my inner domestic goddess / smugly contemplating how many calories I'm about to consume. I gave up chocolate for Lent and have kept the ban up aside for this allowable exception. Everything in moderation, right?
Ready to go into the oven. Start to finish of prep time: around 10 minutes.
Out of the oven. Please ignore the hole. We were trying to test whether it was cooked. Check it regularly - you want it hard on the outside but still gooey inside.
Leave to cool for around the time it takes to watch one episode of Arrested Development (22 minutes). Cut into slices, small slices feel more restrained and lady-like. Plus, you can eat more of them because they're only small.
Cross-section of sweet Oreo-y goodness. Share with your friends and if there's any left over it'll probably keep for a couple of days. Although like I said, I'm no baking expert. It might just be safer to eat it all in one go. Just in case.
Do you like to bake? And are you horrified at the thought of using pre-mix if so?


  1. Lily i'm demanding you bring of these along to the next dream team meeting. GET IN MY BELLY!

  2. Love the name! These look amazing!

  3. I second that Sophie! These look amazing Lily!

  4. Holy moly they look awesome!

  5. Ugh these look insanely good, I need to make them soon! xx

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