Friday, 22 March 2013

Treat Eats: The Wolseley

Since having lunch at The Wolseley last year, I have been looking for an excuse to go back. The restaurant is next to the Ritz on Piccadilly in what used to be a car show-room. Last Sunday, my parents and I visited as a few special occasions had passed with us all being too busy to properly acknowledge them.

I opted for the hamburger with a side of pommes frites. The Wolseley's menu is a mix of British classics and European bistro-style food, there's a lot of choice and different daily specials to choose from. My parents had the classic Sunday roast which they said was very good (and which almost everyone else in the restaurant appeared to be having too).

I asked for my burger medium-rare and it came perfectly cooked in a brioche bun. I have given up bread for Lent so cannot comment on what the bun was like! I did like how simple the burger was - no cheese or fancy sauces, just a simple salad and tomato relish on the side to accompany it if you wished. I very rarely eat chips but a bunless burger alone does not a special occasion lunch make! These were crisp and super-skinny, just how I like them to be.

For dessert, I paid a visit to the "cake table" to make my choice. If you eat in The Wolseley or The Delauney (The Wolseley's sister restaurant) I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the cake table before making your choice. I opted for the apple and blackcurrent kuchen which came in a very generous slice. This was a great choice - the fruit made it a refreshing end to the meal but it was still satisfyingly cake-y. I'd also recommend the apple and poppy seed cake and the Sachertorte from previous visits.

In a bite: Classic food and great service in a really lovely setting. On both visits I have dined amongst some famous faces!

Price: Not as pricey as you might think - obviously you are partly paying for the name and location but the bill for three people without wine was around £100 which isn't extortionate for a special occasion.

Return: Definitely! I want to try the afternoon tea next and the decor and atmosphere would keep me going back.

Waist-line friendly:  There's a lot of choice on the menu so it definitely could be. Although if it's a special occasion then please don't skip the cake table! There are not many veggie options on the main menu but according to the website there is a special vegetarian menu so it might be worth calling ahead if you have veggie diners with you.

Have you been to The Wolseley?


  1. This is in my list lily! Among lots of others haha

  2. Omg you’re making me hungry, it looks so yummy!
    Much love,

  3. Looks lovely definitely made me think I would like to make a trip here!

  4. Oh wow, it looks amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |


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