Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Insta-Updates: "Essentials"

Some of my "essentials" this month, via Instagram:

1. Sister Jane store launch in Notting Hill, lots of pretty clothes but few photographs taken due to hands being full with coat and a Diet Coke.

2. GBK after Sister Jane - loved the monkey nuts! I've given up bread and chocolate for Lent so a burger would have been a bit pointless but I will have to go back after Easter Sunday as I've not had one before.

3. Friday treat of Glamour and reduced M&S sushi.

4. Oh, these? Just some new shoes that I bought. No big deal.

5. Starbucks sent me a voucher for a free drink, obviously got a venti size although I really should not be given that much caffeine at once.

6. Chirashi sushi in Wasabi, this was so good. Not being able to have bread means more sushi which is fine by me (although sandwiches are far cheaper).

7. V&A Light from the Middle East photography exhibition. This exhibition was free (good job after being bankrupted by shoes and sushi) and really interesting.

8. Goats' cheese calzone for dinner, following a lot of indecision over whether pizza counts as bread or not. I obviously decided that it didn't.

9. Benefit Hello Flawless foundation sample. I don't wear foundation but would like to invest in some for special occasions. I tried this at the Benefit counter and really liked it, it feels very light on and doesn't make me look orange.

10. Brown rice sushi in Wholefoods. I think the brown rice makes it even better than regular sushi.

11. Boots purchases (wallet is now crying). I got the No 7 Hot Cloth cleanser with a £5 off voucher. The rest are not really necessary - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Lighter shampoo to try out, Gold collagen drink because I read about it in the Sunday Times' Style and two Barry M nail polishes.

12. Finally exchanged Secret Santa gifts with the Dream Team! Sophie got me a Rimmel Apocalips which I've wanted to try for ages and a bar of Galaxy which has been hidden until after Lent.

13. Bibim Bap at Nara for Michelle's birthday.

14. A lot of Bioderma from Hannah's trip to Paris.

What are your "essential" purchases?


  1. Picked up some Maybelline bits at Tesco today- essential part of the shop

  2. Starbucks is an essential part of any shopping trip. Or working day. Or day off. Or any other day for that matter!

    R xx

  3. Oooh Sister Jane, they do some really great things but a little bit too expensive for me sometimes. Also spot Sushi, yum!!

  4. Your calzone looks so yummy! And I can't wait to see your new shoes in the flesh!


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