Monday, 11 February 2013


As a single girl, Valentine's day is not really the highlight of February (that would have to be Pancake Day) but after reading Michelle's post I felt inspired to put together my fantasy Valentine's Day outfit. I guess in a way, this is a bit of an anti-Valentine's day look - it's not very "sexy" or "impress your man" but i) this isn't really that sort of blog and ii) I have no man to impress so can wear a slouchy jumper and crazy tights and not have to put up with any "what are you wearing" rubbish.

I based my look around this Oasis jumper - the slouchy fit keeps things comfy and it is still pretty cold outside so all to all those Valentine's day underwear adverts that I keep seeing on the thanks. I love pleated minis although have yet to invest in one myself - this H&M one is very tempting as its such a bargain. Crazy tights are always fun, these keep up the heart theme and the scalloped detail on the tops of the leg is really nice. I like the idea of getting a little glimpse of the hearts but otherwise looking like normal black opaques. These red flats look super comfortable and the Benetint is perfect for creating a loved up glow - even if the love is all for this adorable Mulberry purse. Potential Valentines out there - it's from Selfridges in case you were wondering.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. I don't care that much for Valentines day to be honest. I do love that jumper, so cute!

  2. I wasn't huge into V-day, and I think they are more into it in the states (tho its changing over here now) but I have to admit I love watching shows round valentines and seeing the characters in their themed outfits. Naff but adorable, think I might find some hearts and some red to throw on this year!

  3. That jumper is lovely! I need to have a better look in Oasis. I won't be doing much this valentines except maybe grabbing a Chinese! xx

  4. The mulberry coin purse is really cute x

  5. I would wear this outfit in an instant, such a cute Valentine's look!

    Maria xxx


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