Monday, 4 February 2013

Twenty Facts

I've read a few of these posts over the last couple of days so thought I'd have a go:

Me, something of a while ago.

1. I don't have a middle name. I've always felt left out when other people tell me theirs.

2. I've lived in central London for five years. I'm originally from Hertfordshire so don't really feel like I've properly moved away but London life suits me (but maybe not my bank balance).

3. I really dislike dogs. They make me feel a bit sick and smell terrible. Please don't tell me that your dog is ok because, believe me, it isn't.

4. Talking of smell, I've self-diagnosed myself as having a hyper-sensitive sense of smell. It's a big issue when getting public transport or when other people want to eat garlic.

5. I avoid public transport as much as possible. If its less than an hour away on foot, I'm walking. You see so much more and its free exercise.

6. I am an only child. And I love it.

7. I live by myself (see above).

8. I have 7 piercings but no tattoos.

9. I used to play the violin, piano and clarinet when I was younger. I have zero musical ability these days and sold the clarinet on eBay.

10. I once won a third place trophy in an Irish dancing competition.

11. For two years I dyed my hair black. It's naturally dark blonde so when my roots grew it looked like I was going bald.

12. I worked at John Lewis when I was at school in the ladies shoe department and did the 4am start for the Next sale a few times. I really appreciate getting to sit down all day in my current job.

13. I spent my first bonus when I was working at John Lewis on a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

14. I have had one and a half "gap yahs" (between school and university and between university and law school). I travelled to Japan in the first and Australia in the second.

15. I studied law at university and graduated in 2010. I knew literally nothing about law when I started (apart from that I thought it sounded interesting) and graduated with a first.

16. I started running in 2011 and have run in five 10k races. This is a big deal from someone who used to hide in the loos during P.E. lessons at school.

17. I am addicted to Diet Coke. I like setting myself "rules" around its consumption. I am not allowed it before midday and then can have it at lunch and at 4pm. It really bothers me to see people drinking it for breakfast. Wrong.

18. I don't eat pork, potatoes in any form and ice-cream. Mashed potato is my idea of food hell.

19. I interned at Sugar magazine when I was 16. I used to make my own magazines when I was younger and don't want to think about how much money I have spent on magazines in the last ten years.

20. It took me three attempts and about 50 driving lessons to pass my driving test. I used to drive a Smart car because any other car was "too big" and still couldn't park it properly.



  1. I love finding out more about bloggers, aren't you a cutie?!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh my god Sugar magazine! that takes me back! Cute pic of you :-)

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dera

    LOVE Maria at

  4. Lovely blog post. You have the most amazing blue eyes!

  5. I actually roared laughing at number 11. Love this post

  6. I loved these! I'm seeing a lot of 'only child' facts cropping up in these, wonder if it's some kind of complex that makes us want to blog?

  7. Definitely just found myself nodding along to fact number 2. I love London, but it sure isn't a cheap city to live in! Also am very jealous of your gap year travels, I'd love to go to Japan one day x

  8. hahaga I love all of your facts, they're funny especially the one about you looking bald when your hair would grow in. As a brunette it's hard to picture someone dying blond hair because it looks so beautiful and you can only really have it if you have blonde hair because it only really looks good on natural blondes in my opinion :D

  9. This is awesome. I, too, think that my sense of smell is keener than others. If a scent is too strong, I always get a headache!

    (If you're interested, I'm giving away a Stella Valle necklace. Details here.)


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