Thursday, 7 February 2013

Outfit Dilemma: Gig

Living in London, I should really go to a lot more concerts than I do. Real life seems to get in the way of keeping up with when my favourite bands and artists are on tour and I don't tend to even know about a gig until it had already sold out. This is where StubHub can help - they are owned by eBay and have a huge range of gig tickets for sale by fans for gigs including Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Pink tickets on this site. So, that's the tickets sorted. The next dilemma is obviously what do I wear?

I have taken inspiration from Pink's style for a gig look, although my tips work for any gig:

The first rule is definitely to wear flat shoes. Standing up for hours in heels is no fun and you want to be getting lost in the music, not getting blisters. I love the studs on these ankle boots - perfect for getting in to the rock chick spirit.

At gigs I'm always envious of guys who can shove all their possessions in their pockets and jump around without a care in the world. A cross-body bag is definitely a saviour when you still want to your essentials. This one carries on the stud theme.

This leather jacket is perfect for keeping warm in the queue and definitely a rock chick essential. Going to a gig is a good time to experiment a bit with your look - these monochrome trousers are really striking and definitely more practical than wearing a dress or skirt.

Finally, inspired by Pink, why not try a spray-in hair colour - rock chick hair that will wash out the next morning!

What are your gig essentials? And what was the last gig you went to?


  1. I love those ankle boots, so much x

  2. you are so right, a gig is a great time to experiment with your look, as everyone will be going a little wild. love these choices, I'd go with all of them for a gig :) xx

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  3. Love that style! I go to a few gigs but they tend to me more of the folky / indie type. I would say some comfortable boots are a must have if you have standing tickets!

  4. Those boots are amazing!

    Maria xxx


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