Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mid-Week Dining: The Wahaca Experiment

I am a big fan of Wahaca and their dishes (well, one of their dishes - the sonora salad) frequently appear on my Insta-updates posts.

Recently, I visited the Wahaca Experiment on the Southbank. I love the Southbank, it never disappoints for people-watching and there are so many lovely restaurants to choose from. The Wahaca Experiment is right by Waterloo Bridge and overlooks the river. The restaurant is made from recycled shipping containers and has quite an eco-chic vibe. It does look a little "temporary" but is going to be there for 18 months so there's plenty of time for a visit or two. Two friends and I visited on a rainy week night:

Wooden Menu
The menu is a little different to Wahaca's usual. There is less choice (no sonora salad) but the dishes are very much along the same lines as in normal Wahaca restaurants and there is still a huge amount of options, whether you want to share a few dishes between friends or have something larger just for you.

The USP of the Wahaca Experiment is that the specials change every month and the most-loved ones will make it on to the main menu. I really like the idea that what people choose and like will change the main menu - how democratic! Although on this visit I didn't fancy any of the specials. My friend did order all three of the specials so at least some people are more food-adventurous.
Citrus Fizz
As it was a school night I opted for a Citrus Fizz to drink. I've had this in Wahaca before, it tastes so fresh and healthy - like a mojito without the naughty ingredients (rum and sugar!).

Beetroot Salad

Large Fish Tacos
I am not a fan of sharing dishes (I'm an only child, after all) so I opted for the large fish tacos with the beetroot salad. The salad was very fresh tasting, I love beetroot and was surprised but how good it tasted with jalepenos and creamy goat's cheese. The fish tacos were lovely, they reminded me of fish finger sandwiches, only a Mexican (and much nicer) version. I wasn't entirely sure how I was meant to eat these without making a huge mess so ended up eating all the components separately like a child. The tacos by themselves probably wouldn't have been enough but with the side salad it was a perfect meal.
Hot Chocolate Shot
I was too full for a proper dessert but wanted a little something to finish off the meal and not feel lonely while my friends had dessert (I did steal a bite of my friend's plantain taco). Unfortately Wahaca don't offer coffees with soya milk (chain restaurants need to sort this out for us dairy-haters/allergy sufferes) but the Mexican hot chocolate is dairy-free so I thought I'd give it a try. It comes as a shot or a mug. I'd never had it before so opted for the shot to be less sinfull and to see if I liked it. Verdict: I'll be having the mug next time, the chocolate wasn't sickly sweet and had an interesting, slightly spicy flavour.

In a bite: Wahaca with a twist, lots of veggie options, lots of choice and the changing specials to try.

Price: Pretty reasonable for a chain restaurant - I ended up spending about £15. 

Return: Yes, I love Wahaca and the Southbank so can see myself coming back and maybe trying one of the specials one day.

Waistline-friendly: Wahaca food always tastes really fresh and healthy, there are loads of veggie options and the small plates means that you can have smaller portions so it needn't be a diet disaster.

Are you a fan of Wahaca?



  1. Oooo ill add this to my list!

  2. I love Wahaca - some of the best lunches I've ever had. I definitely need to head over again.


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