Thursday, 14 February 2013

Insta-updates: Burger Time

I'm blaming the bad weather for the poor state of my bank balance lately, here's what my credit card is hating at the moment:

1. Net-a-Porter sale purchases. I decided that I needed a YSL Arty Ring in my life and this gold one happened to be on sale. A new iPhone case fell into my virtual basket at the same time. This was my first N-a-P order, probably not my last.

2. Bruscetta and mini donuts at Bella Italia while having an epic catch-up with a friend.

3. Holiday planning. This year I am off to Hong Kong (shopping recommendations pretty please), Taiwan and er, Tenerife!

4. Mozerella flat bread in All Bar One for a chilled Sunday lunch with my parents.

5. Dinner in La Bodera Negra. Really loved the decor and vibe of the restaurant. The food was pretty pricey though - I much prefer Wahaha's take on Mexican - and it was far too dark to take decent photos but I'm glad I've been, its always worth checking out hyped up places for yourself.

6. Conor Oberst at the Barbican. I'm a massive fan and this night was amazing.

7. Gin cosmopolitan at Haz. I like to pretend that I'm living the Sex and the City dream sometimes (even though I know its all a lie really).

8. Lunch in Pret.

9. Death exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. I am a secret science geek so love the Wellcome Collection - its free to get in and the cafe is really nice too if you're not put off food by some of the more gruesome exhibits.

10. My first burger of 2013. I don't really beef but make the occasional burger exception, this was in the Electric Diner and was very good although I'm not enough of a burger expert (I'll leave the full review to Hannah) so I don't know how it compares to others. I liked the Electric Diner - the expose brick and booth seating was nice and service was very fast which made up for it being slightly pricey and having a table turning policy (boo hiss).

11. Electric Diner dessert - frozen berries and lemon curd.

Finally - just a little head-up that Motel are holding a competition to win £10,000 to spend at Motel Rocks!

Where serves your favourite burger? And what to you think the food trend of 2013 will be?
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  1. Ooh, your arty is gorgeous! All your food pictures are making me drool a little, haha. x

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun and making up for such appalling weather.

  3. I love my own burgers, but I had a great one at the handmade burger company a couple of weeks ago - its all about the toppings ;-)


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