Saturday, 16 February 2013

Black & Gold

I recently went for dinner at La Bodera Negra for a friend's birthday. She jokingly told us to "dress slutty" so while I wasn't planning on wandering around Soho in full "Pretty Woman" style get-up, one of my floral skater dresses probably wouldn't cut it.

Dress: Oasis; Tights: M&S; Boots: H&M; Ring: YSL; Collar: V&A; Bracelet: AdR for H&M

I've had this dress for years but had actually forgotten that I owned it. It looks like its PVC in some lights but its actually just shiny fabric. It's quite plain so a good background for bold accessories. I am loving gold jewellery at the moment - I've never been a gold person really but I suddenly really like it and want anything gold that I can get my hands on. The necklace is maybe a little 50 Shades and I love the AdR charm bracelet even if it is annoyingly jangly and quite hazardous to wear when attempting a place of food. The Arty Ring and I have been inseparable since I bought it so hopefully the cost-per-wear will end up to be acceptable. My mum snapped these pictures on my iPhone before I headed out - so much easier than faffing around with a tripod!

What are your favourite accessories?



  1. LOVE this outfit on you, you look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. Lily you look hot! Adore the collar!

  3. That collar is amazing, love the outfit!

  4. You look so happy here, gorgeous! Love the dress and everything about this outfit! x

  5. You look lovely. I love the dress and boots x

  6. I love your outfit here. Never tried a collar before just the chunky necklaces but this looks great :)


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