Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mid-Week Dining: Chico Bandito

Food is one of my biggest expenses, some months I spend more on food than I do on clothes. This is sometimes due to drinking three Starbucks coffees in a day and other times because eating out is one of my favourite things to do and the best way of catching up with my friends. I often visit the same places (Wagamama and Zizzi seem to feature quite heavily on my bank statements) but this year I'm trying to head to new restaurants, try different things and hopefully blog about it a bit.

I visited Chico Bandito in Shoreditch last Wednesday. The restaurant is pretty tiny with the tables very close together, giving it a relaxed atmosphere but its maybe not one for intimate conversation. Mid-week the restaurant was busy but we didn't have to wait for a table. Skipping over the cocktails (it was a school night after all but they did sound good and were reasonably priced), I was pretty overwhelmed by the giant, double-sided menu. My friend P and I ended up choosing a selection of smaller plates rather than mains with a couple of sides to share as a way of sampling more of the food on offer.

Our Table, groaning under the weight of Mexican food. We both ordered a variant of tacos and a quesadilla with cajun mushrooms and cream cheese jalepenos to share.

Spicy Bean Tacos (vegetarian)

Chicken Quesadilla
I had never had tacos before. I choose the vegetarian option which were really tasty and quite fun to eat despite the fact that it is almost impossible to eat food out of a crisp shell with any grace. The chicken quesadillas were just-right on the spicyness scale and were generously filled with chicken and melty cheese. I also sampled the cream cheese jalepenos which tasted so good that I didn't feel too bad about the idea of eating a pepper which had been stuffed with cream cheese and deep fried and the cajun mushrooms which I was less keen (probably due to the fact that I am not a mushroom fan).

The food on the tables around ours all looked amazing, I will definitely be back to sample the fajitas. We did not have dessert because the food we had ordered was more than enough already but they are available, if not particularly authentically Mexican.

In a bite: Tasty Mexican food in a relaxed environment, quite a lot of vegetarian choicess and the option of wearing a sombrero while you dine (although maybe this is more for weekends when copious amount of margaritas may be consumed)

Price: Very reasonable - my friend P has a Tastecard so everything was half price but even without the discount it's not expensive.

Return: Yes, there was a lot of choice on the menu so I'd definitely be able to find something new to try.

Waistline-friendly: Not particularly! There are some salads on the menu but carbs and cheese are much more a feature.

Are you a fan of Mexican food?



  1. YUM! Great review, love the mini summary.
    Also love the new layout, looks fab.

  2. That all sounds delicious, I'm definitely trying to enjoy eating out more this year, but I'm looking for good deals when I can get them! I love mexican food too :-)

  3. I love quesadillas - it all looks delicious! :) x

  4. I love mexican food and would love to see more food blogging from you!xx

  5. I adore Mexican food and really should eat more of it!

  6. That looks so good, it's just been added to my restaurant hit list!


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