Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jemma Kidd i-define Mascara

This is the first Jemma Kidd product that I've used so I wasn't really sure what to expect - its not a brand I hear people mentioning much and I haven't seen any of the products in Boots for a while. I think this came free with Elle magazine a few months ago, or it could have been Marie Claire.

The brush is a classic bristle style brush with a tapered end. I like how it comes out of the tube with quite a lot of mascara on it - mascaras that are dry when you first use them are such a let down. The mascara is easy to build up in a few coats and the brush is a decent size - big enough to give volume but not so huge that it ends up blobbing more mascara on my face than on my lashes, Benefit Bad Girl style.

The only complaint I have about this mascara is that its a nightmare to remove and usually ends up all over my face. Although I never remember that when I reach for this in the morning.

Have you tried this mascara?


  1. This makes your lashes look lovely! I really love wetter mascaras- drier formulations just don't give the wow factor I like! xx

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  2. This looks like a great mascara. I have never tried Jemma Kid's products but these look fab!

  3. Jemma Kidd cosmetics went into administration a few months ago I think, that's why you've not seen much of her products around!

  4. I'm a fan of Jemma Kidd. I really love the eyeshadows from the brand.


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