Thursday, 10 January 2013

Geek Chic Glasses

I actually sort of hate the phrase "geek chic" but couldn't think of a better title. I only started wearing glasses a few years ago, my eyes started to object at the combination of an online shopping addition and doing a law degree and the hours of computer use that both of these entailed. For the past few months I've really wanted a pair of chunky framed glasses but the fact that I paid £350 for glasses in Boots only last year made me think that another pair was not entirely necessary, especially as I don't need to wear glasses all of the time.

When I saw an offer for free glasses from Firmoo doing the rounds on Blogger, I couldn't resist. I've never bought glasses online before but the site was so easy to use (even if I did have to measure my PD distance with an Ikea tape measure). I was worried that I wouldn't like the style and fit of the glasses but the site provides all the measurements so I chose a pair that had similar dimensions to my current glasses. You can also upload a photo of yourself to "try on" the glasses virtually but that seemed like a little too much effort.

Top: Vintage via my Grandmother, Collar: John Lewis, Glasses: Firmoo
The glasses were free aside from shipping and a few extra dollars for an anti-reflective coating. They arrived a week later and I nervously unpacked them, thinking that if I hated them or if they weren't right at least I hadn't spent too much and had satisfied my curiosity about online glasses purchasing. I actually love them - the prescription is perfect and I love the shape of the frames. You can try a pair for free here.

Have you ever bought glasses online?


  1. You look so amazing in glasses. you should wear them more. I tend to stick to my contact lenses.

  2. I love them! I am in desperate need of some new specs so I think it's Firmoo time. :)

  3. Oh wow these look great! I also spent a ridiculous amount of money two years ago on a pair of glasses I don't really love, and would love a chunky pair. I might have to go for this offer!

  4. I love that look and they suit you so well!

  5. Love these glasses, you really suit you!

    Maria xxx

  6. The glasses really suit you and that vintage top is just lovely xx

  7. Awww, you look like a hot secretary! ;) I don't need glasses but if I did I'd be rocking statement frames like these.

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Wow! these looks bloody amazing Lily! x

  9. They look great on you Lily! I always buy my glasses online, as it's so much cheaper than in store. x


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