Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013: In With The New!

Happy New Year! 

I'm not really one for making resolutions but in 2013 I vow to do something radical. I will actually use my nice things. I don't think I'm the only one who is guilty of "saving" things for best and who doesn't wear new purchases for ages because there isn't the "right" occasion to wear them to. With that in mind, I've got quite a few shiny new things to show today - a mix of Christmas presents, holiday purchases and sales shopping. 


Body Shop shower puffs; ASOS ring holder; Floozie teacup candle;  Kindle; Aquamarine ring
 Santa was generous this year. Going away for Christmas meant that big presents were out so some of these were opened before and after our holiday. I bought the Kindle with Christmas money from relatives for £64 at Heathrow airport as I'd wanted one for a while and that seemed like a good price. The ring is from Dubai's gold souk - I was torn between jewellery or an iPad mini but as soon as I saw the ring I knew what I wanted, the main stone is aquamarine and the tiny stones are diamonds on a white gold band. I got a little stocking of Primark goodies to open on Christmas day - seems like Santa loves a bargain too! The ring holder was purchased a while ago after seeing it on a couple of blogs, I do love all things sausage dog-related and after dropping a diamond ring down my sink last year I need somewhere to store rings.

A Designer Buy...

Hermes travel wallet
 If you've seen the Sex and the City 2 movie then this won't need any further explanation. If not...the old town area of Dubai is full of "shops" which specialise in designer copies (because that sounds nicer than "counterfeit goods"). The shops are usually accessible by tiny lifts in old residential buildings and its quite funny getting escorted off to a room full of, usually quite realistic looking, designer copies. Bargaining skills are essential but you can usually knock at least half off the first price quoted. I ended up paying about £30 for this but its a pretty realistic copy. I'm not usually a fan of fakes but its fun this was a fun purchase to make and its not liked I'd ever splash out on a real one so I'm not going to pretend that it is.

Holiday purchases

Cinnamon tea - Dubai spice souk; Blotting papers and cleansing water - Sephora; Bioderma cleansing water - Boots; Ipanema flip flops, starfish print dress, galaxy print skater skirt, floral print pencil skirt - Splash; lace top - Forever 21
Shopping in Dubai is a rather mixed experience. Sephora is always a must visit for me - the blotting papers are a regular purchase and cleansing waters are on my "to try" list for 2013. Boots in Dubai stocks Bioderma - hopefully the UK will soon follow suit. The spice souk is fun for purchasing teas, spices, pumice stones and traditional products. I've wanted Ipanema flip flops for a while and love the colour of these. Highstreet stores are often more expensive in Dubai - a Topshop dress going for around £40 is £26 back in London but Forever 21 is always reliable for a bargain. Splash is a bit like Primark - cheap and cheerful with some quite unsaul items. I love the print of the skirt, floral and paperclips aren't the most obvious combination! The rest of my shopping was strictly window shopping.

Sales shopping
2013 Diary, Body con print dress, black work dress, navy and brown leopard print tights,
I missed the start of the sales this year so don't really have the sales bug. M&S is always dependable for good reductions, I hate sales where things are barely reduced but still thrown on the ghastly sale rail. My work wardrobe needs a few new items and the black dress will be perfect. I love the garish print of the body con dress and the black side panels are super flattering. Patterned tights are what make winter less depressing and these were half price so I couldn't pick just one. 

I have a sneaky Topshop online order on its way but I don't know how much of it I'll keep. The above items should keep me going for a while - another 2013 resolution is that for each new thing I want I must donate or ebay one old item. If I don't stick to that one my wardrobe won't be able to shut.

What have you been purchasing lately?


  1. I love that ring holder! And you're right, on the whole I've been a bit disappointed with the sales...I stayed up for the Zara one to go live only to find there was just £20 knocked off. Safe to say I didn't make a purchase! Loving that floral dress as well, it's so you! x

  2. You lucky thing! These are all lovely :)

  3. Look at all these beautiful things! You lucky girl!

  4. I think that is a great resolution! There's definitely a risk that if you keep things for best you'll never use them, so enjoy usuing your things!

  5. The ring is so nice Lily and this Hermes travel wallet looks so convincing, you could have got me there!

    -Elodie x


  6. I keep meaning to buy some Bioderma - it's so freely available in so many countries! When i was in HK, they were everywhere. Your ring looks gorgeous. Happy 2013 lovely!

  7. Gorgeous stuff! I went a bit mental in the sales but I really now have no excuse to go shopping for the next 6 months!

  8. Ooh lots of lovely things. Lucky you! I want to go to Dubai now. I have family there and haven't been since before all the massive buildings arrived :) x

  9. I love everything in this post! I haven't really had time to shop the sales as I have been working.

  10. Happy New Year! That Hermes purse is gorgeous. I've been really good this year and haven't really splurged too much!

    The Style Rawr!


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