Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wave Envy

December and beachy waves may not seem like the most obvious combination but thoughts of summer days and carefree summer style are a good distraction from the cold, grey winter.

I am not very skilled in the hair styling department - I'm lucky that I have naturally straight hair that seems to do what I want it to but I know I should experiment more and with the Christmas party season nearly here I couldn't wait to try the Babyliss Wave Envy styler.


At first I thought it looked a little scary but it was actually very easy to use. The styler heats up very fast and has three heat settings to suit different hair types and textures. To create the waves you just clamp a piece of hair between the styler for 5 - 8 seconds and then move it down along the piece of hair.

It took me around ten minutes to do all my hair - much faster than using curling tongs and no risk of burnt fingers. The waver left my hair feeling volumised and bouncy and the waves lasted until I washed my hair even though I didn't use hairspray.

I created a beachy look for my first attempt - as I was going for a natural look I figured that it didn't matter if the sections of hair I waver were different sizes as I got to grips with using the styler. The smaller the section of hair, the more defined the wave comes out but with larger sections it gives a looser wave. With a bit more patience and practice I think the styler could also be used to create 1920s style uniform waves.

Have you tried a wave styler? This 3 barrel waver from Argos would make a great Christmas gift!

[Styler provided for my review. All opinions and beachy waves my own]



  1. I love using wavers, give such lovely beachy waves.
    It looks lovely if you wave the lower lengths and pop up in a scruffy side bun and wave some pieces around the face. :)

  2. this looks lovely! I have used one of my friends wavers before and I loved the effect on my hair! x

  3. I would actually really like to try something like this as often I try for waves but get curls that are too tight even when I brush them out!

  4. Oooh this looks a really pretty effect! I've actually been curious about these stylers for a while, might have to take the plunge and get one!

    Florrie x


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