Monday, 24 December 2012

Red Lipsticks

Red lipstick is one of my beauty staples and until I had a sort out of my make-up I was convinced that I only owned two. Clearly not:

Red lipstick line-up

Dark blue-toned reds most suit my skintone and while these lipsticks do look pretty similar they obviously aren't. I used to only wear red lips occasionally but these days its rare for me to use one of my other lipsticks - my lips are either bare or red.

Clockwise from far left:

Sephora R04 - this lipstick is quite sheer and easy to wear in the day time. It's not drying but does need reapplying quite often. I bought this in Spain and I think it was around £8. Why don't we have Sephora in England?

Florence + Fred (Tesco) Mistress - this bargain lipstick is amazing. Its really well pigmented, long-lasting and very moisturising. The shade of this one is slightly darker than the others, I think. I've been reaching for this one the most recently.

Revlon Revlon Red - the newest addition to my red lipstick collection. This is a classic red shade in a creamy formula. A good one to try if you are new to red lipstick as I imagine that the shade would suit everyone.

Clinique Red-y to Wear - my first and most well-used red lipstick. This one lasts so well and has a perfect matte finish without being drying. Definitely my signature red lipstick and one that I'll buy again and again.

Benefit Flirt Alert - a brighter red with a sheer finish that can easily be built up. I don't find this as long-lasting as I'd like it to be for the price but its a nice shade and one that I keep in my work handbag for quick touch-ups.

Just for fun

My red lipstick tips:
♥ Apply lipbalm ten minutes before and wipe off the excess so that the lipstick doesn't slide off.
♥ Apply one coat, cleaning up mistakes with a cotton bud dipped in make-up remover.
♥ Blot the lipstick and very lightly dust with face powder.
♥ Apply a second coat.

What is your favourite red lipstick? Are there any others that I need to try?


  1. I love red lipsticks! They add glam to any look. I have a Maybelline one which I love. I also outline my lips with red lip liner before I apply my lipstick.

  2. I love red lipsticks, I have about 10!

    Maria xxx


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