Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Ruby Slippers

Meet the newest addition to my shoe collection:

My red shoes

Courtesy of The Colour Studio, these satin heels were dyed to my colour choice - I love red so a dark red shade seemed like an obvious choice and this pointed toe stiletto is simple enough to be worn to work with a plain outfit once they have been debuted at a Christmas party.

But before these shoes were mine, I got a chance to play around with dye and new white satin shoes at Dirty Martini with some fellow bloggers last Tuesday:

My creations

Our first challenge was to mix a due according to a "recipe" and to try to colour match it to an unusual colour name. I learned that fandango is a bright pink, not green. Dying the shoes was easy to pick up but difficult to get them looking perfect! I started off with a plain shoe and, once I was feeling a little more confident, tried a toe-tone green and purple design. My proudest creation of the evening was the "Team Renault" blue and yellow shoe. By this point I was feeling brave enough to mix the dyes freehand and had ditched the plastic gloves so did end up with slightly green tinged hands for the next day.

My professionally dyed pair are perfect and it was great to see the entire range of shoe styles and options that there are for dying them - the possibilities are endless and these would be a perfect solution for matching shoes to a wedding or prom dress or just if you've always wanted shoes in a particular colour but can't find them anywhere.

The shoe tree and undyed shoes
The lace looks so pretty after being dyed

What colour shoes would you have picked?


  1. We love your ruby slippers - gorgeous choice. They have a happy new home.

    Love the Octanities xxx

  2. Those ones look amazing. And it was such a great event too!

  3. Those red shoes are beautiful, the perfect shade of red!

    Maria xxx

  4. Wow those are stunners! This has reminded me that I need to dig out my heels for Christmas Parties!

  5. I love all of these shoes! The hot pink lace ones are my fave!

  6. those seems very appropriate for the Christmas night


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