Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter Insta-Update

Another week, another Instagram post. The weather has been awful lately - hope everyone is keeping safe and warm. 


1. Sushi at Itsu. It may be cold outside but I'm still craving sushi.

2. Salmon at Strada - I'd usually have a salad (or a pizza if I'm feeling naughty) but this was really good.

3. Breaking out the Christmas cardigan with my V&A gold collar and Primark dress.

4. The weather was nice enough for an outdoor run - I'd really missed running outdoors and couldn't stopping to take a picture of the sunlight on the Thames. Love my city.

5. Motel Rocks blogger event at Floripa. Definitely better than my usual Monday nights, cocktails false eyelashes and a photobooth all made for a fun evening.

6. My Christmas presents from Motel. A baby bunny night light and heart-shaped cookie cutters - cute!

7. The postman left my Graze box on the radiator and it ended up looking like this. Boo.

8. Cafe Caramella in Costa. Much nicer than the Christmas coffees.

9. Paloma cocktail in Benito's Hat. This was strong.

10. Dim Sum in Dim T. I hadn't had dim sum in ages and this was so good.

Other things I've been enjoying this week:

Laura's post on getting orgnanised for Christmas. I really need to start my Christmas shopping and plan my party outfits.

The Halio app. I can genuinely say that this app has changed my life.

My friend has started a blog and posted this profile of a fashion/beauty blogger. It made me laugh and is obviously all for a bit of fun and not meant to be taken too seriously.

Compiling a list of restaurants I need to go to: Chico Bandito, Giant Robot, Bubbledogs, East Street...which one to start with?

What have you been enjoying this week? 



  1. Oooh looks like a good week! I love Sushi! xx

  2. I had Bubbledogs for the first time recently - amazing! And loving the Christmas jumper. I need to invest in one.
    Also - I laughed so much at the blogger profiles post!!!

  3. I really need to try sushi from Itsu, yum!

  4. All that food and drink looks so good! Your christmas cardi is gorgeous xx
    Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage

  5. Costa's is amazing in the winter!!! I love it - lots of money spent there!


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