Friday, 23 November 2012

On The Lash: Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume

Regular readers will know that I am a bit very obsessed with mascara. I rarely buy the same one twice and always have a backlog of mascaras to use as I can't resit purchasing the latest offerings. On my trip to NYC during the summer, my first purchase (after a much-needed and barganitious Starbucks iced soy latte) was a Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. After reading lots of praise about Lash Blast on US blogs I knew I had to try one. I settled for the volume type as I like a dramatic look and the white packaging took my fancy, especially with the Olympic rings! (Although now I feel a bit sad and nostalgic for the summer whenever I see them).

The brush is of the rubber spoke sort which I personally prefer to bristle brushes. I thought that the brush looked quite a reasonable size in the packaging but next to my eye its actually pretty huge! The short bristles thankfully avoid it making a big mess around my eyes but the giant brush is quite hard to target the corner lashes with.

I love the effect this gives, volumised lashes as promised and it really helps hold the curl (I use eyelash curlers beforehand). Lash Blast is easy to build up the coats with and doesn't get clumpy easily. My only complain is that the brush bluntly ends - some little bristles on the end (a la Benefit's They're Real) would have been a nice touch and useful for tackling those little corner lashes.

Have you tried Lash Blast?



  1. OH MY LORD! that is AMAZING! i'm in awe.

  2. I have a huge backlog of mascaras too. Love them. This one looks really great. Your eyelashes look amazing.

  3. Oooh this looks amazing, if I ever go to the USA I'll be picking some up

    (chances of me going = slim to none!)

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again- Lily you have amazing lashes!

  5. This must be one of the first mascara I have tried and I remember loving it, although I had the orange tube!

  6. This looks really good :) I'm definitely going to have a look at Walmart when I get back to the US.


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