Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Since starting work just over a year ago I've bought very few casual items. I think I now need to start working on my casual wardrobe as I'm seriouslly running out of things to wear on lazy days.

I picked up this jumper for only £7.99 in H&M. I'm not usually a fan of knitwear but this is really soft and not too bulky. I assume its meant to be a cropped jumper but on me its the perfect length!


Jumper: H&M; Dress: Miss Selfridge

The Miss Selfridge dress is meant to be a party dress but did the trick under the jumper when I couldn't find anything else to wear. My wardrobe won't actually close so I don't think I really need to buy anything else...I must have some casual skirts somewhere!

The lipstick in these photos is a new favourite, it's surprisingly a Florence + Fred lipstick that was in the Tesco event goodie bag - I tried it on a whim and was so impressed. It lasts for ages and doesn't dry out my lips. Nice to find a budget buy that performs just as well as a high end lipstick.

What are your winter casual staples?


  1. That jumper is really cute. I like!


  2. I love that stripped jumper! Looks so warm. I'm stocking up on cosy, warm jumpers this winter.

  3. Someone not a fan of knitwear? I'm kinda in shock ;) Love that jumper xo

  4. Really like this jumper, the stripes are fab! I am rubbish at casual wear too but jumpers over dresses is my new favourite thing!

    Maria xxx


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