Sunday, 4 November 2012


I haven't done one of these posts for a while. Blogging has had to take a bit of a backseat lately as I've been really busy with work. Weekends really ought to be three days' long, yes? I do have a lot to post about - a couple of new dresses (what else?!) to show you, hopefully I'll have time to actually photograph them soon.

Here's what I've been doing:


1. Vintage sunglasses from Brick Lane. Yes, it's winter and its currently pouring with rain but I couldn't resist.

2. Quick work OOTD: Primark dress - £13 bargain. I went to the new Primark near Tottenham Court Road yesterday and its amazing. I'm going through a bit of a Primark/H&M phase at the moment. I've come to realise how fickle I am with clothes and that "investment pieces" probably wouldn't be much of an investment in my case.

3. Jordan's Country Crisp cereal won in Laura's giveaway. This was good. So good that the box didn't last very long.

4. Pumpkins in Sainsburys'.

5. Lunch at My Old Dutch in Holborn. I had the Italian savory crepe, my friend had the mini dutch pancakes - yum!

6. Afternoon coffee and cake at The Tea Box in Richmond. Loved this little cafe, the tea timers were so cute and my pumpkin and chocolate scone was served warm.

7. Calzone in Ask. I had been craving pizza for weeks before this so it really hit the spot.

8. Penguin jumper at the Clothing at Tesco A/W event and my goodie bag. I love the kitten hat (although my mum thinks its a mouse, hmm.)

9. Eyelashes from the Tesco event. It felt like a bit of a shame to just go home afterwards but I was advised that it wouldn't be a good idea to sleep in these to try to save them for the next day. Oh.

10. My parents bought me a giant pumpkin to carve. I don't think he turned out looking very scary.

11. Mexican chicken burger in Weatherpoons. A girl needs carbs sometimes.

12. Party face. First time I've done my make-up properly for a while.

13. Diet Coke t-shirt - I started saving the Coke Zone points earlier this year and quite quickly made it to the necessary 300 to get this free t-shirt!

14. Street Art near Tottenham Court Road.

15. Coffee in Le Pain Quotidien.

What did you do to celebrate Halloween?



  1. Love your penguin jumper! I dressed up as a garden gnome for halloween :) x

  2. Lovely to see you again sweetie, you poked lovely xx

  3. I love seeing pics of other peoples food, but blimey it makes me hungry! :)
    Love that Primark dress.

  4. LOVE that Primark dress, I am going to have to try and hunt it down!

    Maria xxx

  5. Ahhhh so much yummy food, and you always find pretty dresses! That cofee in the last picture looks delicious!

  6. Oh i didnt realise you were at F&F 2 weeks ago!! I looooved that Penguin jumper!!!

    Followed via RSS :)

    Miss drifted Snow White


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