Monday, 8 October 2012

Winter Wishlist

As the days get shorter and colder there is only one thing on my mind: I need new clothes. But, actually, I don't. I already have plenty of winter items but as exciting as re-discovering forgotten purchases is, that alone is not enough to get me through the next few months.

So, instead of buying entire outfits, I'll be focusing on updating what I do have. A lot of my skirts and dresses are pieces I wear all year round so by layering up with leggings and jumpers I'll be able to update them for the new season without spending too much. 

Accessories are a great way to keep things interesting - I've always wanted a pair of earmuffs and these mittens are far cuter than regular gloves!

Winter does seem like a time when people wear even more black and grey than usual. This year I've really fallen in love with colour and when the skies are grey its never more needed. Here are my colourful and cosy picks for winter:


Geometric Leggings - ASOS; Mittens - H&M;  Ziz-Zag Jumper - Joy; Black and Khaki Leggings - Topshop; Green Jumper - Joy; Pink Cashmere Jumper - H&M; Ear Muffs - ASOS

What's on your winter wishlist? 


  1. I'm trying to focus on "key pieces" too, rather than buying things willy-nilly. I love those cute mittens!

  2. I actually almost bought that zig zag jumper from Joy, it was that or my yellow one!

  3. The zig zag jumper is amazing. I'm on the hunt for cute jumpers this winter.

  4. I need those mittens! I did a quick wardrobe edit and decided I needed a new coat and some going out tops. I've banned all other purchases (that's not going too well if I'm honest!)

  5. Love mittens in Winter.
    I went on a Winter splurge with knitwear a few months back, nothing like a cosy chunky knit to see you through the dark nights. :)

  6. That pink jumper is amazing!

    Maria xxx

  7. I love that zig Zag jumper - I need it in my life!!


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