Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Boden Life

Confession time. One of my favourite things to read is not a fashion magazine or the latest bestseller but...the Boden catelogue! Yes, secretly I'm a middle aged woman.

I have not made many Boden purchases in the past but thought that this dress would be perfect for my winter working wardrobe. I love the skate style and the longer sleeves mean I won't free in my air conditioned office. Delivery was free and the dress turned up perfectly packaged. I was worried that this would be too long for me but fortunately Boden to a petite range so the length is perfect. While this is slightly more than I would usually spend on a dress the quality is great and the fabric is nice and heavy so the dress hangs really well:


Dress: Boden; Belt: Primark; Nails: Shellac Current

I'm tempted to buy it in the other three colours it comes in...wait, did someone say middle-aged?!

Are you a fan of Boden or catelogue shopping?


  1. The opening to this post made me chuckle!

    I've yet to buy anything from Boden, but some of the kids from work have clothes from Mini Boden that are so cute! And if you buy something that fits well I say there's absolutely nothing wrong with buying it in more colours! x

  2. This looks really good on you. I'd be tempted by the other colours too.
    I have yet to purchase anything from Boden, I'm currently lusting after their brogues with pink laces, they're so cool!

  3. Love his dress :) looks really trendy and sophisticated on you! Xxx

  4. This looks lovely on you Lily!

  5. You look great! The dress looks lovely and I like how you've styled your hair :) x

    One Little Vice

  6. Love the shape of this dress! I've never actually shopped at Boden before - will have to take a look :) x

  7. I secretly fell in love with Boden when I got one of their umbrellas and realised it was amazing. Love this dress too! It suits you so well. Love the addition of the belt too.

  8. this dress is gorgeous, I secretly love boden too. not everything but some of the stuff in the book is sooo gorgeous!

    you look lovely :)

  9. Haha, I often look at ahem, more middle aged stores like M&S etc but the way I think of it is that I would rarely wear an entire 'look' from them but mix up their pieces with other items to look a bit younger and more edgy. That dress is gorge though :-)

  10. I actually love Boden to bits, guess we are both middle aged ;) LOVE this dress though, it really is perfect for winter...

    Maria xxx

  11. There is NO SHAME in being a Boden girl! :D I love all of the tweed and heritage stuff at the min, and this dress suits you so much, beautiful! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. No wonder you want to buy more - this dress has a beautiful shape and is very flattering! X


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