Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little Brooklyn Thriftstore

No, I'm not trying to pass off last season Primark as "vintage". That's not to say that a lot of vintage stores aren't but that's for another day. This dress really is from a Brooklyn thriftstore, the inimitable Beacon's Closet which is not quite so little.


Dress: Rebecca Taylor via Beacon's Closet, Tights: Accessorize, Nails: Shellac Current

I picked up this dress for $25, not knowing at the time that Rebecca Taylor dresses are around $300 full price. Bargain! I just loved the crochet and hot pink lining. It was worth trying it on on a 35 degree summer's day.

I did vow to stop wearing coloured tights when I turned 25 but I just can't help it.

Wore this to a Sunday breakfast catch-up with friends (hence the terrible lighting in these photos - it was early!) and for a wander around East London.

What's your best vintage bargain?



  1. This is a lovely outfit. Your hair looks major cute too x

  2. Oooh you look lovely! I wish i had the confidence to wear coloured tights, so don't stop missy! xxx

  3. Coloured tights are the best!!! im 25 too ha!

  4. I love this dress. It fits so well!

  5. Love this dress, it looks like it was made for you!

    Maria xxx

  6. I love the dress and the pink tights combo!

  7. That dress looks gorgeous on you! What a bargain! Also never give up the bright tights - or at least not yet. I think you are totally good for at least another 10 years in them!

  8. What a lovely dress, it really suits you too. Can't believe you got it for such a barginous price! x


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