Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I Am My Hair

Once upon a time, this girl was adventurous with her hair. I coloured, cut and re-styled it every few months if not weeks. My hair was black, red, platinum blonde, orange (unintentionally) and two-tone way before anyone had even heard of ombre. I experimented with fringes, choppy layers, bobs and an unfortunate Tony and Guy mullet that made me certain I'd never be trusting them with my hair again.

But then something changed. I wanted long hair like everyone else, I was sick of it being in awful condition from all the dying so I grew it out, went back to my natural colour and finally had the long hair that I wanted in time for starting university. Fast forward five years and I realised that aside from a few small changes, I've had the same hair for well, five years.

Hair history in brief:


1. 2006 - full fringe, short layers and dark brunette home dye job.

2. Summer 2008 - long, natural colour, curls. Loved how my hair looked that night.

3. Autumn 2008 - a brief flirtation with a fringe. My hair grows really fast so this was short lived but I liked the slight change from my normal hair.

4. Summer 2010 - messy waves and sun-kissed highlights.

5. Winter 2012 - fake fringe via eBay!

6. Now - my "everyday" hair. Natural texture, twisted and clipped off my face.

(The colour is my natural colour in photos 2 - 6, its just the different light that makes it look darker or redder in some of the photos)

Now I'm starting to feel a bit bored with my long hair. I get major hair envy when I see girls with cool, short haircuts or full fringes. I'm wanting a change and thinking that it's now or's only hair, it'll grow, right? I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do an "Emma Watson" and cut the lot off but maybe a 60s style bob or a fringe will relieve my hair boredom. Maybe its the changing seasons, turning 25 or the feeling of wanting a "fresh start" of sorts which a haircut can totally bring about. I wonder if Bruce Barton had haircuts in mind when he said "when you are through changing, you are through". Probably not.

Do you have a signature style or are you adventurous with your hair? 



  1. I am never happy with my hair! I'm always either growing it out or cutting it short! At the moment I'm trying to grow it long, but as long as it ever gets is my shoulders... this time I am determined.

    Definitely go for a lil bob if you're bored- they're stylish, easy to look after and will be a nice change. And of course- hair grows! xx

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  2. love these kinds of posts :) always makes me want to do something drastic though, im in the same boat as you... same age, same rut!

    i really like the pic of you with a fringe. it really frames your face and draws attention to your gorgeous eyes! i think you would look fab with an alexa chung haircut.. shoulder length with a blunt fringe. if you go shorter than shoulder length, you will probably hate it because it's too much of a drastic change.

  3. I had a really short pixie crop when I was about 17. It was fun at the time but looking back it was a massive mistake!

  4. I've done all sorts with my hair too; numerous dye jobs, perm (what was I thinking?), dip dye, Cleopatra-style bob.

    You really suit the fringe by the way x

  5. Love this post! I used to be so adventurous....white blonde, pink bits, red, black, dark brunette...I think I've had every colour I could! I spent a lot of my time with choppy layers and went for the Sarah Harding graduated bob when I was at uni. Now I'm trying to grow it out, and whenever I get envious of somebody with a funky crop I remind myself of the years spent moaning that I couldn't curl my hair or style it differently for a night out.

    Your eyes really stand out in photo 3....I think you really suit fringes! x

  6. I've definitely experimented with my hair quite a bit but it has helped me realise that a) I just don't suit a fringe and b) I can't grow my hair past my shoulders without it looking crap so I'm pretty much a long bob girl , oh and I do love my red too!

  7. I love seeing other people's hair evolutions. It's what we play with and change the most I feel. You wear your hair so well and all these styles suit you so well.

  8. I am always changing my hair!! I love the soft waves on you and the blondness. Looking beaut :)


  9. I get what you mean. I used to have purple hair and I kinda miss it. I've been my natural hair colour (brown) for the last couple of years and I'm a bit bored! may have to do something about that soon. :) x

  10. My hair has been the same for years, no fringe, side part, and about down to my bust. I cut it to just below my shoulders every now and then to make it healthy, but aside from that, I'm so boring!

  11. i used to have every hair style/colour under the sun but like you ive gone back to my natural colour with a couple of highlights and have grown it super long! im toying with the idea of ombre though!

  12. I've had my hair every colour of the rainbow, but have just dyed it closer to my natural hair colour in a bid to help it grow. I do quite fancy a blunt fringe though!

  13. I love the length and shape of the 3rd picture, I think a long swingy bob would really suit you!

    Maria xxx

  14. About ten years ago I cut off my long hair for a pixie crop. For a while I loved it but soon enough I began to miss long locks. I spent years growing it out again, so I'd say this - try adding some layers or changing the colour before you go for the chop. Those inbetween stages are slow!

  15. Thanks for all the comments! I love hearing about people's hair histories! I am definitely inspired to do something a little different but not too radical - probably a fringe or a long bob. Now I've got the idea into my head of changing it I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it until I go for the chop! x

  16. I know what you mean about getting bored of your hair. I've had long hair and short hair and dyed it a lot but now I've stuck with mid-long length hair and not dyed it in years. I grew out my full fringe into a side fringe- something I couldn't imagine not having a few years ago! Sometimes change is good!

  17. I go through such turbulent phases with my hair. Sometimes I think I want long, natural, pretty hair, then the next minute I want it short and colourful, or a freakin' mohawk or something. So I think you should go for it, try something a bit different but not too drastic (you can always cut more off, as they say). I usually just find a photo I like and tell my hairdresser to 'Do something like that'. Maybe not with the mohawk though.

    Life Out Of

  18. You always have lush hair Lily, hope you're well xx

  19. I always love to read these "hair history" post, super interesting! I have also experimented quite a bunch with my hair, I think it has been every color of the rainbow and more ahah but then, like you, I got sick of it being super damaged, it would never behave and such so I stuck with dark brown hair for a few yearsbecause it was so low maintenance and I thought it was the color that complimented my skintone the most. Of course, I got bored again so I thought that maybe it would be easier to return to my natural hair color but with a twist (an ugly light brown/dark blonde) so I tried blonde highlights but I wasn't impressed so I decided to go back to burgundy which I have tried in highschool and I love it so much! It really is high maintenance but it's really worth it! Also, I have been sticking with bangs for quite some tiimes since it does a great job at shortening my looooooong face (:


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