Monday, 10 September 2012

Recent Happenings: I love this city

Despite the awful weather, London has been amazing this summer. This September marks five years (!) of me living in central London. I still feel like there's so much that I haven't done and don't think that I will be tiring of London life anytime soon:


1. Bento Box at Centre Point Sushi. Bit of a "secret London" find but definitely glad I know about it for amazing, affordable sushi.

2. Yoo Moo at Westfield Stratford. Its self-service so I had fun mixing all the flavours together to make this messy concoction.

3. Free London scarf in Topshop.

4. I'm such a child and love these olympic mascots around London. This one was in Leadenhall Market - such a beautiful site in the middle of the City. The dress is a £10 Primark bargain.

5. Lunch with mother at Borough Market. Halloumi wraps and Greek salad - so good!

6. Taking a ride on the Emirates Air Line cable car. £4 well spent. I love heights so really enjoyed this!

7. Glittery gradient nails. I'm obsessed with glittery nail polish at the moment even though I'm probably far too old for it and its a nightmare to remove. This is Barry M's red glitter.

8. Off on holiday! I went to Lille for a mini break and broke out the maxi dress (H&M) to get into the holiday mood.

9. Chocolate Wenlock. I really am 24 going on 4. My mum bought me this. I ate him after getting in at 10pm and realising that my dinner had consisted of 3 Diet Cokes and the contents of my fridge was 3 bottles of nail polish. Living the Carrie Bradshaw dream!

How have you been spending the last days of summer?



  1. Youmoo is self service? Holy moly, when can we go?! xxx

  2. Oh self service FroYo! I love it.

  3. i'm wearing glitter and prob a decade older rofl

  4. I would love to have lived in a city like London, it sounds so amazing!

  5. You make London look amazing. I would love to live there!

  6. I would love to move to London eventually. I spend too much time there already! I love the look of that bento box - probably one of the main reasons that London is so appealing to me, the VARIETY of food is immense!!


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