Saturday, 4 August 2012

Trolley Dash

Another summer purchase that I bought back in April but have only just got around to wearing:


Dress: TU @ Sainsburys

I'd forgotten that I had bought this (actually I think my mother bought it as it was reduced to £10 so snuck into the shopping basket quite easily) but it came to my rescue on a sunny day last week when I looked in my wardrobe in a moment of panic having already worn three summery work outfits earlier in the week.

I love dark floral prints and the sleeve detail on this dress make it a bit different from the 8492 other floral dresses I own. I wore this to work but when autumn comes I'll be wearing it at the weekend with tights, boots and a big cardigan. I'm definitely a summer girl but I can't help but look forward to autumn a little. Outfits will be so much easier to plan.

Do you like florals?


  1. I'm a fan of all florals in general, but like you I love these dark floral prints because they are such good transitional pieces. And the "8492 other floral dresses" you own made me smile....although I can imagine this may be true! x

  2. I love it! I'm a big fan of florals. I have had all kinds of florals, but I do notice the darker ones are the ones I wear more often.

  3. Oooo love the floral pattern Lily - can never go wrong with floral!

  4. Aww very cute, I like the puffy sleeves!

  5. I love floral dresses in fact I have to try and show restraint in buying almost everyone I see! That's a great bargain!

  6. Very cute!! I love dresses that can go from one season to the next :)

  7. This is lovely...and we all know I love a floral print!

  8. I love florals, the dress looks lovely on you :).

    Sadie x

  9. This is a really cute dress. I have so few print dresses in my wardrobe but I'm working on it...


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