Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer in the City (at last!)

(This post is scheduled so apologies if its now pouring with rain again). So summer is finally here. Hurrah. But, being a proper adult this does not mean long days in the park, spending all my money on frappucinos and reading those books that have been gathering dust on my bookshelf all year but facing up to the fact that real life doesn't come with a yearly 6 week holiday. Instead, summer presents itself with with the "what do I wear to work?" dilemma.


Dress: Clothing at Tesco; Belt: taken off a Forever 21 dress;

This cotton dress is cool enough for hot city days but still work appropriate. And it was only £10. Depending on where you work, cleavage and acres of bare flesh probably aren't appropriate, no matter how hot it is. What is it about summer that makes Londoners lose all concept of what is appropriate to wear out the house? I can feel a Liz Jones rant coming on. Anyway, I will further channel Liz by giving out some free fashion advice which I obviously am completely unqualified to do.

Summer work wear tips:
- cardigans are still essential. It may be hot outside but the air conditioning will probably be even colder to make up for this as men still have to wear suits (poor them) and shivering in a summer dress isn't fun.
- I'm still not sure whether bare legs are acceptable for work. I hate tights so think that they are (sheer tights are far too Kate Middleton for my liking) but that you should still wear proper shoes. No one wants to see feet in the office although I do enjoy feeling like a total cliche and walking into work in my FitFlops.
- bright colours will make you feel more summery and cheer everyone up a bit. Work-appropriate styles in bright colours also make the work-play transition easier and you have all winter to wear black.
- unless you are a skilled fake tan applier, do it on the weekend as a practice run. Or you will end up with streaky legs and will have to wear black opaques until it fades.
- sun cream is still essential even if you're spending most of the day indoors. Spending lunchtime in the park and coming back with bright red arms and legs is a little embarrassing.

A note on nails:
I'm still a big fan of gel manicures. These are "Gellux" in the brighest red shade and this is how they looked two-and-a-half weeks in. For me these are definitely money well spent to have effort-free groomed nails. Red is my signature colour so it doesn't bother me not being able to change them.

Have you tried gel manicures? What do you wear to work in the summer? And, if you don't work, what have you been doing in the nice weather?


  1. I love the pattern on the dress x

  2. I cannot believe that dress is from Tesco! I love it!

  3. I would love to try a gel manicure, having chipped nail polish is such a pet hate of mine I often just don't bother painting them at all!

  4. I love the dress and the gel nails! I had gels done for my wedding and the lasted well beyond including a two week honeymoon with lots of swimming- i'd say you're right, they're a good investment!

  5. The gel manicure looks great! And loving the dress. It's definitely really work appropriate.

  6. Such an adorable dress! And I absolutely love those gel nails! So cute!


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