Sunday, 5 August 2012

Recent Happenings: Rain and Shine

How is it August already? And how are we halfway through the Olympics? Here's what I've been up to lately:


1. Tower Bridge on an early morning run. After weeks of cynicism I am actually now really excited that the Olympics are here. I know I'm meant to be supporting Team GB but Ryan Lochte is my favourite olympian!

2. New hair. I am currently going to Rush for my haircuts. I've never really been salon loyal but I think I'll end up with better hair cuts if I am. Rush are very efficient, modern but not scarily trendy and the prices are pretty reasonable for central London. That said, I do want to try out Bleach and the Aveda salon in Covent Garden.

3. Lots of food at the bloggers picnic. Such a great day with old and new blogging faces. So glad that the British weather was kind to us.

4. Pink Berry at Selfridges after the picnic. Because I really needed more sugar after the above.

5. The Olympic mascots have been popping up all over London. This one in the City is my favouite.

6. Falafal burger and chips at Covent Garden Grill.

7. Apple martini. One of my 5-a-day? I think I still have child's tastebuds as this tasted SO strong!

8. Sushi at Centre Point Sushi. This restaurant does the best sushi I've had in London and its really good value. It's located above a Korean grocery shop near the Centre Point Building and if I hadn't been taken by friends I would never have realised it existed.

9. Another picnic. This time with uni friends so bloggers and mini bites were replaced by beer, frisbee and this rather fetching horse head mask. No one came near out spot so maybe this is an essential picnic accessory.

10. Oh. The rain is back. Thank goodness for Starbucks and a good book. I'm currently reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, purchased from a second hand book shop in Williamsburg (how hipster of me). I really want to see the film now.

Are you excited about the Olympics? Where's your favourite sushi destination? And have you read/watched Never Let Me Go?


  1. Lovely pictures! I had my first real sushi experience yesterday (I know...I have been missing out!) and absolutely loved it! This was a little place in Staines in Surrey and they do delivery so we have found a new takeaway favourite!! xx

  2. Both the film and the book are wonderful, you won't be disappointed.

  3. Your Blog is cute ♥
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    I just shared Buck the Bank Holiday I would love to hear your comment about the shoes.. Thanks Dear


  4. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun. I love your new hair!

  5. I've been loving the Olympics, team GB are doing so well!


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