Saturday, 11 August 2012

Make-Up Mis-Haps

Who hasn't had one? No, not the sort where you sneeze while putting on mascara (that's for another day, maybe) but when make-up ends up on the carpet or your clothes rather than on your face. I'm sure this only happens on one of those days where you're already running late for work, its pouring with rain outside and payday is still a week away.


Mascara can be a particular culprit due to its oily nature and dark colour. Mascara stains can be very visible, especially on a pale carpet.

Here are some top tips for removing mascara stains from your carpet:

1. Remove any excess mascara very carefully with a blunt knife

2. Put a small amount of water onto a cloth and gently dab the stain

3. Use a cleaning product designed to tackle carpet stains on the area and leave for a few minutes to work its magic

Panic over, carpet saved and no angry parents or landlords to deal with.

Of course, its not just mascara that poses a threat to our carpets and clothing. Coffee, red wine, chocolate and my beloved Diet Coke are also likely culprits. Click here for a guide to stain removal that should be useful next time disaster strikes! (Apparently salt, not white wine, is the solution for red wine stains).

Have you had any make-up mis-haps? What are your top tips for removing stains?


  1. This is such a good post - I have *so* many makeup misshaps and spillages, as the strategically placed furniture on my carpet will attest to!

    My biggest tip is to deal with the spillage straight away, don't leave it to dry. I spilt blue nail varnish on my favourite shirt and thought it was ruined, but by attacking the stain with nail varnish remover, fabric cleaner and putting it in the wash asap it came out clean thank goodness!


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