Sunday, 19 August 2012


Just as I think about packing away my summer clothes it seems as if summer is finally here. The shops may be full of jumpers already but I'm hoping for a little more nice weather before I start having to wear them.


Dress: Forever 21 (bought in NYC), Belt: Vintage, Watch: Asos

I still like animal prints but this dress isn't too much/too young for me. Forever 21 seems to be becoming one of my favourite shops - the prices are great and their clothes always fit me really well. Some of their items are a little young (maybe the "21" in the title should be a clue) but if you shop wisely there are some great pieces for work and weekend.

I wore this outfit to watch the Olympics closing ceremony with my friends. I'm still sad the the Olympics are over - it was a nice two week break from normal London life.

Have you packed your summer clothes away yet or are you still hoping for an Indian summer?


  1. Gorgeous dress! Luckily I haven't packed away any Summer clothes yet, but just as I get myself excited for buying Autumn accessories the sun comes back out and makes it feel all wrong buying scarves and gloves! x

  2. I definitely have my fingers crossed for an Indian summer.

  3. Lovely dress Lily, the animal print is a really nice balance. I hardly ever go to F21, must rectify this soon. I am so sad the Olympics are over :(

  4. That's a lovely dress. The prints suits you so well. I rarely go into F21 too. Need to go in!
    There is no way I'm packing away my summer clothes after this lame excuse for summer. I'm still holding out for some incredible weather (that will last more than 3 days).

  5. I give up with the weather, one minute it's jumpers, the next minute it's shorts.
    Lovely dress, not actually bought anything from F21!! x

  6. Lovely dress I really need to go to Forever 21. I've been to the birmingham one a few times but shopping online just isnt that same! haha x

  7. I wish that I had a forever 21 close to me, I should probably check out their website more often! That dress looks fab on you! :-)


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