Sunday, 29 July 2012

NYC Shopping

You really can't go to NYC without having a good shop. Personally, I can't seem to go anywhere without shopping so obviously had to take big advantage of the shopping opportunities that NYC offers, along with quite a favourable pounds to dollar exchange rate (well, that's what I kept telling myself).


1. Ferragamo bracelet - Macy's; 2. Pashminas - Battery Park Market; 3. Covergirl Lashblast mascara, Neutrogena SPF 100 sunscreen - Duane Reade; 4. Hershey's and spearmint leaves - Wallgreens; 5. Animal print dress and Hello Kitty tshirt - Forever 21


1. Leopard Print bag - Victoria's Secret; 2. DKNY wristlet - Century 21; 3. Dooney and Bourke pouch bag - Beacon's Closet; 4. Rebecca Taylor dress and American Apparel - Beacon's Closet

Midtown is a good place to start your NYC shopping - Bloomingdales, Macy's, Bergdorf's and 5th Avenue will definitely result in some credit card abuse but it has to be done. 5th Avenue is very designer-focussed but if there's a particular item you're after then its definitely worth researching prices beforehand as some items are the same price in dollars as they are in pounds. Tiffany's is also worth a visit even if you're not a fan of the jewellery. The store itself is pretty amazing. Bloomingdale's is my favourite of the big department stores. On my last visit my 21 year old self delighted in the Bloomies merchandise department. This time round I wanted an Hermes bracelet but it was a little too expensive so "made do" with the Ferragamo one instead.

Markets are worth checking out for bargains. I picked up the pashminas for $5 from Battery Park Market, paid a quick visit to Hell's Kitchen flea market and for foodie treats Union Square farmers market is amazing.

Drugstores may not be glamourous but there are so many US finds to be had, especially if you read US beauty blogs. I had to buy Covergirl's famous Lash Blast mascara after seeing it on numerous blogs and could have spent a lot more money in the make up aisles. My pale skin means that I'm a little obsessed with suncream so the SPF 100 went straight into the basket too along with Crest White Strips, Sally Hansen nail wraps and Hershey's chocolates. The 35 degree weather also meant that I bought a lot of Vitamin Water Zero (um, why can't we get this in the UK?) and Diet Dr Pepper (quite glad that this is harder to find in the UK) to stop myself wilting in the heat.

Bargains were everywhere due to sale season being on but dedicated bargain hunters need to go to Century 21. Located just opposite the World Trade Centre site, think TK Maxx but less messy. On my visit there was a lot of designer stuff and if I hadn't had a million other things on my to-do list I could have spent a lot longer in here. H&M and Forever 21 are super cheap in the US and I may be turning 25 far too soon but definitely needed a Hello Kitty tshirt in my life.

Finally, vintage. It's definitely worth researching a few vintage shops before you head off. After reading Jen's post about Beacon's Closet I had to check out the Williamsburg store. I wasn't disappointed. Everything was so well organised and despite it being in hipster central the prices were amazing. I picked up the handbag, dress and skirt for only $70. I was super happy about the skirt as I was planning on buying it full price anyway.

What are your NYC shopping tips?


  1. Gosh you got some amazing things! I am totally hoarding your suggestions for when I finally make it to NY one day!

  2. wow :)

    so many buys, makes me want to visit NY even more.

  3. Yay for shopping!! I love Hershey's. When I go to America, I'm going with an empty bag so I can bring sweets back!
    And I love all the bags you bought too.

  4. I love your NYC purchases. I got most of my Christmas presents when I went, the shopping is amazing!


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