Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More "Summer" Fun

No, the sun still hasn't come out. Here's what I've been doing instead of sunbathing:


1. Jumped on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon. I don't have a Kindle (other e-readers are available) so I'm stuck with the hardcopy. I like "real" books and couldn't care less about what strangers on public transport think of my reading choices.

2. Casual Friday. I did a college course with work last week and didn't have to wear "business attire" although I did find it hard to put together quasi-business-appropriate outfits. Top is from Topshop, skirt is vintage via eBay.

3. Watched the Wimbledon ladies' final with my mum at Duke of York Square.

4. Took my mum to Giraffe for dinner. We both had the Lebanese salad which was so good.

5. I visited a friend in Oxford on Sunday, we watched the Wimbledon final and went to Ask for dinner where we had to have the Wimbledon themed specials despite Andy Murray not winning! My friend's tennis pasta was so cute!

6. Feeling like I'm in Harry Potter. Same vintage skirt, H&M denim jacket.

7. Wahaca edible bowl salad. I can't get enough of Wahaca at the moment, the food is so yummy although I do always get a variation on this salad.

8. Discovering an unworn Oasis tshirt in my wardrobe.

9. Canapes at the Herbalife event. Being on a roof top garden during a torrential rain storm was a bit of an experience!

10. Herbalife goodies. I had a hand massage with the body lotion and it was lovely so I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the range. Reviews soon!

11. New Gellux manicure. I always get a gel manicure before a holiday as its so low maintenance and one less thing for me to have to do. This was £9 with a KGB deals voucher.

12. I dropped my diamond ring down the sink (don't ask) on Sunday and thought I'd have to wait a while to get it back but my plumber was able to pop round today and retrieve it for me so that was a nice surprise! Note to self: buy a proper plug.

I'm currently watching My Summer of Love on iPlayer and contemplating what outfits to pack for my trip to NYC. So excited but I can feel my credit card shaking with dread at how much its going to get used over the next few days!

How have you been spending our rainy summer?


  1. Sounds like you've been doing a lot of fun things! I've been wishing it was sunny but just trying to make the most of it!

  2. I don't have a Kindle either but I just love the feel of a real book. Trying so hard not to give into the e-book trend.

    Love the nails by the way!

  3. Love your skirt - and that tennis pasta is so cute! :) x

  4. You have been up to some great things recently!

  5. Tennis pasta!!! Amazing!

  6. Love that you don't care what others think! I saw a MAN reading it the other day on the train and he could not stop smiling! :) xxx


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