Monday, 18 June 2012

"Summer" Happenings

The rain has finally stopped. I may still be wearing tights but at least it doesn't feel like a November gale everytime I step outside. Here's the last week or so in Instagram:


1. Short dress + gale force winds requires leggings.

2. Lunch at Tides Table cafe in Richmond, it's a veggie/vegan cafe in a lovely setting and such good value for money.

3. Free yogurts were being given out in Covent Garden. I might have walked past a few times...

4. My Graze box. The honey dippy oatcakes were nice but not the easier thing to eat at my desk. (Free box with code 7KN159X)

5. Big Ben on a sunny early morning run.

6. My Aussie summer goodie bag - lots of new products to try out!

7. I'm still 14 inside and can't resist the Elle with a free t-shirt.

8. Afternoon tea at The Chesterfield. Review to come soon.

9. More falafel at Pipel in Spitalfields. Definitely a strong contender for best falafel ever.

10. Where did this giant building come from? I love how there's always new things to notice in London and everything looks a million times better when the sun's out.


  1. looks like your having fun :)

  2. Ooh how are those Oikos yoghurts? I quite fancy trying them.

    1. I really liked them, quite thick but great mixed with cereal. I need to try the other flavours.

  3. the weather is definitely getting me down too! i do love a cheeky graze box, mind xx

    1. They are great, definitely brighten up an otherwise gloomy day!

  4. The food stuff on this post is really catching my eye :-)

  5. Your leggings are fab, not sure if I could pull them off though! Looks like you are having fun!

  6. Your afternoon tea looks amazing!

  7. Love the leggings and the shoes! I love leggings with dresses but usually just go for boring ones!

  8. Love the new layout - haven't been on here in a while and it looks great :)
    Have you tried any of your aussie stuff yet?
    Thanks for the comment hun. <3


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