Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.4

What a week! Summer finally feels like it has arrived, I'm already embracing the summer wardrobe and I've walked about 100 miles all over London in pursuit of eggs. As you do.

The photos:


1 - 2. Motel sample sale. I got this floral dress and the famous Heidi for £10 each on Thursday. Not too bad at all. My first purchases in over a month on my spending ban so I don't feel too guilty.

3. Beauty goodies. I went to the Vitality Show on Saturday morning which was really fun. Lots of goodie bags and yummy free samples which fuelled my afternoon of egg hunting nicely.

4. Working girl. This blazer is one of my favourite pieces. So happy to ditch my winter coat for it.

5. Date cake in Drink, Shop and Do. So yummy. Was super hungry after an afternoon of egg hunting in the sunshine with the lovely (and very organised) Hannah.

6. Scrabble time. My spelling is terrible. I lost.

I'm feeling slightly annoyed by the clock change, I know I will be super tired at work tomorrow as I am not going to be sensible and get an early night as I've been cheated out of an hour of my day and still have loads to do. Currently watching the F1 highlights and planning my egg hunting for next week. I have a feeling Hannah is going to beat me!

Have you been enjoying the start of summer?


  1. I haven't played scrabble for ages! Such fun and good for your brain. :)
    Bargain buys on the dresses, both look gorgeous on you.

  2. Hope you're having fun egg hunting! I'm loving all the designs on them! And the blazer is so pretty. It's perfect for work.

  3. love the red dress....

  4. I am loving the sunshine and the spring/summer fashions.


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