Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.3

Another week gone. I am still keeping up my spending ban but its not all bad, turns out there are other things to do do in London than shop:


1. Graze box. I'm still not bored of these. They save me from becoming hangry at precisely 4.30pm every work day. (If you've still not tried one use my code 7KN159X for a free box)

2. Mini desserts at a Turkish restaurant.

3. Saddest thing ever. All my make-up is breaking or running out at the moment. I have five other pressed powders in my make-up box though so it's ok. (I know, you were freaking out then, too)

4. Dinner at Tibits. I used to go to Tibits once a week, need to start doing that again as the food is just so good!

5. St Patrick's day parade. I have absolutely no Irish blood but the parade was really fun!

6. Mocha at the Wolseley. Had lunch there with my parents on Sunday, the food was amazing and the service spot on. You know you're at a good restaurant when your fellow diners are Michael Winner and Jude Law. I wish I could say that Jude Law wasn't all that in real life but er, he totally was. Mummy Lipstick agreed.

7 & 8. Took my parents to see David Hockney at the Royal Academy. Such a good exhibition, so much to see and loved the mix of giant landscapes and iPad drawings.

How was your week? What are you 4.30 saviour snacks? And have you seen any good exhibitions lately?


  1. My boyfriend loves those Graze boxes! I'm not a fan of dried fruit but I have my 4.30 orange every day haha!!

    Cute blog hun :)
    x x


  2. Those Turkish desserts look amazing!! So delicious. I love Tibits. I need to go there more often.

  3. My graze box is a god send for 4.30 snack time. :) xx

  4. #3...all of my lipsticks are running out now! never heard of those graze boxes?!



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