Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.2

Another week of playing instagram catch-up. I feel like it was only a week ago that I was celebrating the start of 2012 and now its halfway through March. I'm sure time only goes by faster the older you get.


1. Experimenting with a new haircut.
I've never had a full fringe so actually getting one cut would be a bit of a risk. I hate change! Ebay clip-in fringe to the rescue. I was impressed by how much this one matched my hair colour although the join on top of your head is rather obvious unless you use a hairband/scarf to hide it. It's amazing how much a fringe changes your look. I love how it draws more attention to my eyes but I'm not sure if I could deal with having hair on my face all the time.

2. Barry M topcoat.
My Seche Vite died a gloopy death this week so I saved some pennies with the Barry M topcoat. It's pretty good and made this polish (Model's Own Purple Ash) last 4 days without chipping.

3. London Egg-Hunt.
Giant eggs have been popping up all around London. I saw a few while I was out running and taking the picture of this one gave me an excuse to catch my breath.

4. Lobster.
I've always wanted to try lobster but have always been put off by the cost and not knowing how to actually eat one. A friend had vouchers for Pescatori so I decided to be brave and try it! My unrefined tastebuds thought that it tasted like a "big prawn".

5. Coffee and theatre.
I went to see Bingo at the Young Vic on Saturday. The play itself was a little odd, I'm not entirely sure that I "got" it but it was fun to see Patrick Stewart perform and the Young Vic is my favourite theatre, its so small that you really feel like you're a part of the performance.

6. Sandwich.
Sometimes simple food is the best. I'm really fussy about sandwich fillings but this one (chicken, salad and nothing else!) was perfect. Eaten outside at Spitalfields market. And yes, this was the only thing I spent money on while there so the spending ban is being adhered to!

Any thoughts on fringes and sandwich fillings? Seen anything good at the theatre lately?


  1. I've just had a full fringe cut in today, I love it xx

  2. The full fringe really suits you, you should consider going for it! I did last year and although I loved it, it was quite high maintenance. My hair is naturally curly though which made it harder to tame! xx

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    1. Thanks! I'm tempted but a bit worried that it'll be really high maintenance, my hair is straight when its long but used to be a bit crazy when I had it shorter! x

  3. Jealous you saw Bingo, I'd love to Se PS again. There's lots of interesting plays coming up at the Young Vic and with the £10 tickets we should coordinate :) loving the fringe, it really suits you x

    1. Ooh, I need to check out the £10 plays, hopefully there's some good stuff coming up! x

  4. Lovely pictures :) The full fringe really suits you! xx

  5. Love the new hair cut, the fringe suits you x

  6. The fringe looks great on you. I always love how they look on other people but they look rubbish on me unfortunately!

  7. The fringe really suits you! I'm fighting the urge to get mine cut back in!

  8. Joining in the fringe love here - it does really suit you. And nice one for trying lobster, but you're right, it does taste pretty much like prawn. There's just a lot more of it! Next on your list of crustaceans should be crab, that is delicious :).

    I walk past one of the giant eggs on my way to work each day, and keep meaning to take a picture! xx

  9. The fringe suits you so well! You should definitely get one full time.

  10. You look lovely with a fringe! It's definitely a commitment though, I got a really full fringe chopped in at the beginning of January and instantly regretted it. I'm now at that awkward growing out stage, so don't get one unless you're absolutely sure! x

  11. You really suit having a fringe :) xxx


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