Friday, 3 February 2012

Out Of Office Autoreply

It's a weekday morning and rater than sitting in my office, I'm still in my PJs watching This Morning - bliss! I had some holiday that needed using up so have ended up having a week and a half off work. I went to Florence for 5 days which was lovely and had a few days just chilling and doing my own thing. I've felt like a student again, only without endless essays and case lists to read. Despite the freezing weather and it being a bit of an odd time of year to have time off, I've really enjoyed having a bit of me-time.

Here's what I've been up to:


1 - 2: Afternoon tea at Drink, Shop & Do. DSD is one of my favourite London chill out spots. The staff are super friendly and don't rush you out, the range of teas are amazing (I had a pot of Bakewell tea - yummy!) and there are retro board games to play. I went for a friend's birthday where we had a selection of cakes and lots of chit-chat.

3: I've joined a book club at work and these are our first two books. I've never read Virginia Woolf before and have to say that I'm struggling to get into "To The Lighthouse" but it's nice to read something different.

4: A belated Christmas gift from Aussie. My unobservant self didn't even realise that it had my name on the bottle until I saw other Angels mention it! Duh.

5: Experimenting with a new hairstyle as part of my Aussie challenge. I can't go too crazy with my hair at work but this alice band is super quick and perfectly office-suitable.

6: Hair bands, spin pins and socks from a little Primark spree. I can only face Primark on weekdays so needed to stock up!

7 - 9: I'm obsessed with noodles at the moment. Wagamama mint chicken soba, Tossed chili prawn noodles and BananaTree chicken noodles.

What do you get up to on days off? And does anyone have any recommendations for my next noodle fix?


  1. I love noodles too, my fave at the moment are my raw courgette ones but I love Clearsprings ramen noodles with thai green curry and coconut milk, yum!

  2. Primark is great for little hair bit and pieces isn't it.
    And noooooooodles! Love them, add mushrooms and you've got my fav meal.

  3. Totally agree - me time is great! On free days I go bargain hunting, although my purse does not thank me for it! Just found your blog and loving it already, can't wait for new posts, so it's a follow from me :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time off. I'm part of a book group too. It's so much fun.
    As for a noodle bar, try Cha Cha Moon, which is just off Carnaby Street. I was there yesterday and it's so lovely.

  5. I love Wagamama (my boyfriend is obsessed), but I hate that when we go there, I can only order two dishes - VERY limited options for the vegetarians. :( I'm thinking of going to Primark Oxford Street today (in the evening!), I hope I won't get killed/squashed... LOL! X

  6. Can't wait to see more about your Florence trip. I love noodles too, yum! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  7. Hi there, I'm new here, you have just made me mega hungry for noodles!!!!! The north UK,is not quite a noodle mecca, but I love making my own with a dash of chilli flakes or thai styley! Finally found a blog that reflects all of my tastes and not just in noodles! Sharon Sahara xx

  8. Nice selection of photos. I love the Noodle Room in Dubai - delicious!

  9. oh awesome! I love random days off! Some of my friends hate taknig tie off without having plans but I just love being able to mooch around and do exactly what I want!

    Your holiday looks perfect - and exactly what I love to do!

  10. Ohh, cute! Those cakes look absolutely yummy! x

  11. Ooo I have a major craving for noodles now, never tried Wagamama. Keep meaning too though!

  12. Looks like you have had a fabulous holiday! I'm also a big noodle fan too. :)

  13. Sounds like you had a great time in Florence, it's always so nice to have a few days off work x

  14. I have a day off today :)
    Agreed Bliss.
    love the blog.


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