Saturday, 7 January 2012

Whistle Down The Wind

I took these pictures in December but with the excitement of Christmas they were left unloved on my memory card. This dress was a "starting work" present from my dad although I shamefully didn't get around to wearing it until December. I think this year I need to make a resolution to actually wear clothes when I get them and not have new items hanging in my wardrobe for months with the tags still on them. I think this stems from childhood and wanting to "save" new clothes for special occasions. Ok, enough with the psychology. Here's the dress:


Dress: Whistles, Awful Lighting: December in London

My hair is just a my usual clipped style with the a twisted side pony (make a hole above the band and loop your hair back through the hole - far easier to do than it sounds!).

Do you wear new clothes as soon as you get them or do you "save" them for a special occasion?


  1. I used to be terrible for saving new clothes for special occasions but then I decided to 'liberate my wardrobe' and wear things more often :-)

  2. That's such a pretty dress. I love it. It must look great for work.
    I like to wear new clothes as soon as I can, otherwise I know they'll be on my wardrobe for months.

  3. I love your dress. And no, I don't have the same problem of saving things. I am so excited to get new things that I usefully wear them immediately. My Dad and Mom do this though, we can get them something nice and they will sit it in the closet and tell us they are saving it.

  4. Awesome blog dear.your an inspiration..i'm a follower now.hope u can take some time to share some love by following me back if u like.xoxox..hope to hear more from u soon.

  5. Such a pretty dress xx

  6. What a lovely dress! I'm the same, I usually do the same thing as you. I've got so many pieces hanging in my wardrobe with their tags on!

  7. I adore this dress in looks so smart and classy. I have a habit of 'saving things for best' too! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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