Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More More More! (Aussie Washes 1 - 4)

I'm a little late with this post. My giant bottle of Aussie couldn't be delivered to mine as I was at work so I re-directed it to my dad's office. My parents weren't quite sure what to make of the giant inflatable shampoo bottle! My mum did, however, decide to sample the shampoo and conditioner before I got home for Christmas to meet my giant Aussie.

The new Aussie bottles are absolutely huge! Aussie have set us a challenge to not only see how long these bottle last but to try as many different hairstyles as possible in the process. One of my 2012 goals is to do more with my hair. It's long and naturally straight so I usually just shove a couple of clips in it and go. I need to be more creative and try out some new styles so hopefully this challenge will give me the inspiration to do so while having lovely, soft, sweet-smelling hair thanks to Aussie:



So this has been how my hair has looked for the first few washes. To do the sides I just twist the sides of my hair until it rolls back on itself and then slide in a kirby grip.

Angels Lauren and Cat have been doing some great posts on the challenge so far. I think I need to get a little more imaginative than "twist and clip" if I want to win this...

Do you have any style suggestions for me?


  1. I loved the larger bottles they sent us! They're amazing. And that's such a pretty hair style. My aim is to do more with my hair as well. I've been using tutorials from websites such as ghd and Percy & Reed for inspiration.

  2. cute hairstyle! (:


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