Thursday, 26 January 2012

January Blues

I find January to be one of the longest months of the year. London just seems so dull and grey, there's still a good 4 months to go until the weather gets nicer and it's a long time until payday. Despite getting some lovely Christmas gifts and some good sales bargains, that all feels like rather a long time ago now so a little bit of top-up retail therapy has been needed:


1. Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment - this was actually a Christmas present. Like everything from Lush it smells amazing. I'd say that this is a mix between a bath melt and a bath bomb. It turns the bathwater a lovely pink colour which is definitely a nice end to a long January day.

2. L'Occitane lipbalm - this was a freebie! There's a voucher in the month's Glamour magazine for a free lip treat from L'Occitane and I'd definitely recommend popping into a branch if you can. The tin is huge and this smells so delicious.

3. End of sale purchases - my favourite part of the sales is trying to find something nice when everything has been really, really reduced. I got this dress for £3 in H&M, I'll probably only wear it on holiday but for £3 you can't really go wrong! The skirt was £4.90 in Uniqlo, I love the print and will wear it on snowy days if we get any with boots and thick tights.

4. Pizza - I was meant to be going to a restaurant in Mayfair with a friend but it was closed. We walked to the other branch on Charlotte Street which was also closed. Ended up eating the best pizza ever in a rather odd looking restaurant - unexpectedly yummy and definitely deserved after walking around for an hour trying to go to the first restaurant!

5. Malava nail polish - having bright nails always cheers me up. This Malava pink was in my goodie bag from the Yuki event, I've never used a Malava polish before but I'm really impressed. Five days on and it still hasn't chipped!

6. Earrings - I loved the pre-wrapped presents that Kurt Geiger had this year. These earings are really cute and were reduced from £30 to £8! I seem to have lost all my small stud earrings (mainly in shop changing rooms when I get clothes stuck on my head) so it's nice to have some new ones!

How have you been brightening up your January?


  1. I agree! January is a horrible month! The nail varnish is so pretty & that pizza looks delishhh! XO

  2. Oh yes, I am not a fan of January at all, worse as I had to take two weeks off unpaid too so can't justify shopping the blues away!

  3. Glad you've been cheering up this January! I definitely need to try the L'Occitane lip balm: looks great.
    And I LOVE Mavala nail polishes. I got one ages ago as a freebie with Elle magazine and I've been hooked ever since.

  4. Those earrings are such a bargain! I have been enjoying a few shopping trips myself!

  5. Lovely blog.

  6. I always have to treat myself to some new bits in January, which is completely ridiculous as I've had Christmas prezzies too but there's nothing like picking up something nice/parcels arriving to brighten the grey January days! That pizza looks absolutely amazing, it's making me feel hungry! xxx

  7. Totally agree, January is so depressing! Love your treats though, especially the uniqlo skirt - it's going to look so good with tights and boots!

  8. Treating yourself is the answer to all blues especially during the cold days of January.. and that pink bath water would certainly perk me up!

  9. Hi Lily! I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Totally agree with you about January and how it needs cheering up. I've been making a 'lust list' of items that will hopefully be mine, come payday... you can see it
    -Sarah xx

  10. love the pink nails! i've just been drinking buckets of tea to get through the month...xx

  11. I've been sick for almost two weeks, so I can honestly say that it is even worse when you cannot go outside!!! X

  12. I love that shade of nail varnish.


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