Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mish Mash

How is it Christmas day tomorrow?! I was planning on squeezing in a couple of Christmas posts but I feel like time has been sped up over the last couple of weeks. I'm used to having a three week break for Christmas but now I'm working I have a grand total of four days. Still, that's like, double a normal weekend so I'm really grateful for it!

I thought I'd share some foodie photos I've taken lately as well as today's outfit:


Top: Topshop, Cardigan: M&S, Necklace: Sunday Up Market, Skirt: M&S, Watch: ASOS

I'm not very good at wearing separates or layering so none of my clothes "go" together very well but I quite liked this combination. I bought four of these tops when they first came into Topshop but didn't realise at the time that the armholes are huge so everyone gets a nice view of my bra from the side. Next time I want to buy something in every colour I will trial wear one first before buying more of the same!


Crepes in My Old Dutch, fruit compote in Canteen, Afternoon Tea at the Marriott Marble Arch c/o Groupon, Waitrose Christmas tree cake.

My mum came to visit last weekend we treated ourselves to some yummy food. If you like pancakes then I'd definitely recommend My Old Dutch - go on a Monday when everything is £5! I'm not really a cake person but I love afternoon tea, so much of food is in the presentation and it's really nice to take your time and savor it all. After having something like this I definitely don't want anything sweet for a while although my dad got this cake in Waitrose for only £2 so I did have a nibble of one of the "branches"!

Not the most festive post but hope you all have lovely days tomorrow and that Santa is good to you this year.


  1. That afternoon tea looks yummy!

    Merry Christmas lovely x

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas doll x

  3. Looks lovely! Merry Christmas. x

  4. The blouse and the cardi are a perfect combination. I may have to go out and find that cardigan, hehe.

    Have a great Christmas. Shame you don't have more time off, but make the most of it!!

  5. That necklace is fab!! I hope you've had a lovely Christmas xx

  6. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too!


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