Monday, 21 November 2011

Pink And Green Should Be Seen

Apologies for the awful post title. I couldn't resist. Moving swiftly on to the outfits:


Lace tshirt: M&S, skirt: M&S, dress: Next

After a little "laundry crisis" this week (i.e. I couldn't be bothered to do the laundry or take things to the dry-cleaners) I had to dig a little deeper into my working wardrobe. I found the bright, colourful clothing that until now I'd been too scared to wear. Because you can only wear black or grey in an office, right?

Wrong! I don't know why people are so scared of colour in the workplace - there is no rule saying "thou shall only wear grey or black" but wearing colour to work is still seen as daring. Hopefully these outfits will be the start of a little more colour creeping into my work wear like Harriet's gorgeous orange dress.

Do you shy away from colour or is your wardrobe a rainbow of shades?


  1. Gorgeous clothes! I'll admit I normally wear a helluva lot of black for Sixth Form, accessorizing with colourful tights most days...not sure why, 'cause we have a nice colour rulebook we can stick to :p x

  2. My work wardrobe is definitely toned down but I still wear a lot of colour. Today I worse bright red jeans and a blue denim shirt so very colourful. Fortunately where I work it's pretty casual because it's science and we don't have to be smart etc x

  3. Some one said to me yesterday that you shouldn't wear black and brown together? But I always have! I never really pay any attention to those sayings really!

  4. The workplace definitely needs more colours! Love these bright outfits. The green skirt is so pretty.

  5. Love the colour of the skirt, and the dress looks great on you.

  6. I am lucky that I work in a creative environment so we are always to pretty much wear whatever we want! I tend to wear things I wear normally but just with heels! I love the pink dress!

  7. I really love the red on you! My wadrobe's full of colourful dressy dresses , i'm rarely seen in grey. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  8. That M&S skirt is a gorgeous colour x

  9. i love the shirt! and i shy away from bright red, i think :)


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