Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pencil Me In

Pencil skirts are a staple of office wear and this season they're all over the high street too. I was hesitant at first about tapping into the pencil skirt trend. I'm not the tallest girl and tend not to wear anything below knee length. Topshop has some lovely pencil skirts in at the moment but some of them aren't exactly "office appropriate" and yet the style probably isn't one that I'd wear at the weekend. A mismatch between what's "on-trend" and how people actually dress, maybe?

Anyway, last weekend I was at my parent's sorting out my wardrobe when I found this pencil skirt. I bought this to wear on work experience about four years ago and it's languished in the back of my wardrobe ever since. It was only £9.99 from New Look but I didn't want to get rid of it in case it "came in useful one day"...


I teamed it with a polka dot top from M&S and a belt from a Dorothy Perkins dress.

Despite having to take dainty ladylike steps all day due to the cut of the skirt, I actually really enjoyed wearing this and think I'm going to treat myself to another pencil skirt - maybe now is the time to stock up on them seeing as they're everywhere at the moment!

I have a 20% off voucher for New Look which expires soon so I'm thinking of treating myself to this skirt. I also have a pumpkin to carve at some point today and an Aussie event this evening...I'm very grateful for the clocks going back tomorrow morning, an extra hour of weekend!

Do you like the pencil skirt trend?

What are your weekend plans?


  1. I love the new look of your blog. That dress looks FAB on you. XOXO

  2. Pencil skirts are so cute, I'm going to need some for my new job!

  3. Ooh, very sophisticated!

    Loving your new blog look too :)

    Thanks for the reminder about the clocks - had slipped my mind entirely..

  4. I love this look on you - you can definitely pull off a longer length skirt!

    I totally agree about the mismatch between the trends and what I'm actually wearing - Because work calls for longer skirts I tend to stick to short ones at the weekend to ring the changes, but so many pencil skirts in the shops aren't really work *or* weekend wear to me.

  5. I love pencil skirts! And yours look great :)

  6. @ Sia - thank you, I felt like it was time for a change!

    @ G A B Y - ooh, congrats on the new job!

    @ heartshapedbruise - hope you enjoyed the extra hour's sleep!

    @ Harriet - I agree, I bet a lot of them end up in the sale!

    @ Niina - thank you :)


  7. You look amazing! Realy retro cute :) love how they look on you you have the perfect sillhoutte I definitely need to get a couple for work I think! Effortless glam :)


  8. I Love pencil skirts, I think they look cute&classy. I wear them dressed down or dressed up. depends on where im going. i dont think there just for the 'office'. I have so many, I always get carried away on shopping spree x_x

    I really like your one aswell, it really suits you

    Kiwi ..x

  9. love the combination of the pencil skirt and dotted blouse :)
    xoxo franzi
    from it's not just a bag

  10. Very inspiring, I'm moving to London to teach in January so I'm going to have to stock up on appropriate pencil skirts!


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