Monday, 17 October 2011

Lady Of The Manor

Last week I briefly left my London life behind to become the Lady of the Manor for an evening.


Hipflasks are an essential accessory in the country, dahling!

I actually hadn't left London at all and was in fact at the Farlows on Pall Mall for their first ever bloggers event. Farlows isn't a brand that I would usually associate with the blogging crowd but the evening was really fun and informative - who knew that countryfolk like to take their brand new jackets for a little roll in the hay prior to wearing them or that tweed is protected by an Act of Parliament?

The clothes were a little pricey but the quality and cut of them were amazing. I totally fell in love with the coat I tried on and unlike most of the highstreet coats I've bought over the years I know that I would love and wear it for years to come. Is it too early for a hint, Santa?


Coat: Dubarry @ Farlows, skirt: Dubarry @ Farlows, Jumper: Joules @ Farlows, Handbag: Dubarry @ Farlows, Shoes: Dune (my own)

Farlows are running a contest on their Facebook page for the best country outfit with the winner getting the chance to dress one of the shop windows. I think the hipflask-as-accessory choice might have killed my chances of winning the competition but I thoroughly enjoyed being Lady of the Manor for the evening. I felt rather sad getting changed back into my own clothes at the end of the event and disappearing into the London crowds rather than being in the middle of the country side and heading back to the manor to spend the evening in front of a roaring open fire...

Do you like country chic or are you a city girl at heart?


  1. OMG!! How cute do you look!! XOXO

  2. Lily, you wear the country look so well! I'm a city girl at heart, but I do enjoy taking the pup for a walk in the woods with perhaps I'm more country than I originally thought!

    T x

  3. I really like the coat, a coat like that here in NYC would cost a fortune but I would love to have a similar one!
    Farrah's Muse

  4. I loved dressing up and you did a great Country look. Love the flask, hehe.

  5. You look lovely! I'm so excited about tweed this year xo

  6. Awwww you look so cute! :) I love combining both styles. X

  7. Love that coat! And your shoes are pretty amazing too x

  8. you actually look adorable, the coat is gorgeous on you..looks like such a classic, definitley needs a hipflask for accessorising! I'm not really a country or city girl, just a Belfast girl! Small city and close to the country so I can get both worlds when I need to!

  9. I love that hip flask and your coat x


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