Sunday, 18 September 2011

Working Girl

It feels like it's been forever since I sat down to blog. I've been pretty busy lately; moving flat, starting a new job and the joys of finally getting my internet to work have been taking up much of my time. It's good to be back and now that I'm settled in both the flat and the job (I think!) I'll be back to regular posting.

As our "oh was that it?" summer draws to a clothes I've been putting together my working wardrobe. It's not been easy finding clothes that are both work suitable and suit my 5'1 self. I feel like a lot of "work clothes" are designed with much older women in mind and as much as I have to dress for a corporate environment I still want to look and feel like "me". The best aspect of working is definitely being able to wear heels everyday - it's really easy to walk in them on office carpets and I wear flat shoes for my walk in so there's not much actual walking involved!

Here are two of my recent work outfits:


Dress: Topshop via Petticoat Lane Market, Shoes: Dune


Dress: ASOS

What do you wear to work?


  1. That asos dress is divine. The shape looks perfect on you :)

    T x

  2. I want that ASOS dress! Being around less than 5ft3 is so annoying for finding clothes; even more if you're not petite! I'm gonna track down this for 6th form! x

  3. Congratz on finding the job! WOW! That was fast! :)

    You look fab in the Asos dress! X

  4. I love wearing shift style dresses and pencil skirts with tops that have a bit of detail on them. I have to dress quite modestly though, and its a pain finding things long enough as im quite tall! Both those dresses look great on you! x

  5. These are amazing work outfits. The first one looks great. And the shoes with it are so amazing!!

  6. Those dresses look gorgeous on you!

  7. love both these dresses. I have a similar one to the first but it has sleeves and I just adore the style of the second one. Hope things are ok now you're settled into your new place and job

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. These outfits are PERFECT on you and lovely for work :)

    Maria xxx

  9. love the dresses :)

  10. the topshop dress looks amazing!! xx


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