Friday, 23 September 2011

What A Way To Make A Living

Another work outfit post. I might make a series of these while I'm still finding dressing up for work exciting!

I'm trying to make the most of the still sunny-ish weather by wearing some of my brighter work clothes now before pushing them to the back of my wardrobe until April next year. It still doesn't feel cold enough to wear some of the clothes I bought back in August. Typical.


Dress: New Look via Petticoat Lane Market, Belt: Primark

This dress is a little big for me as I couldn't try it on at the market but for £5 I'm not complaining! Nothing that my £1 Primark belt can't fix. This is definitely by best bargain work outfit.

Now that the weekend is here I'm looking forward to embracing the "non work" half of my wardrobe (yes it is now divided exactly down the middle) and am very excited about trying Circus Covent Garden's LFW cocktail, The Pink Runway:

Photo from

Even better, 10% of the price of The Pink Runway goes to the Ethical Fashion Forum so no one can argue that my weekend isn't being well spent!

What are you weekend plans? And do you look forward to being able to dress casually?
After five years of being a student I suddenly feel like I'm back at school again and wearing a "uniform"!


  1. My plans are cinema, London Fashion Weekend and exhibitions. What are yours? :) X

  2. perfect dress! love love love the cut. i am too much of a chicken to wear such a bright colour but i love the cut xx

  3. Love that colour, its so vibrant!

  4. That dress is a gorgeous colour on you! x


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