Friday, 19 August 2011

Review: Rimmel Vinyl Max Gloss

My latest Rimmel VIP mission arrived a few weeks ago in the form of Vinyl Max Gloss. I've only just got around to trying it as during exam-time I was reaching for the same products every day in an effort to minimize make-up time and maximize study time (I was still distracted by Angry Birds and trips to Starbucks but er, every little helps).


My first reaction on seeing the floss was the size of the tube - it's enormous! The wand is equally massive - the only thing I could find to compare the size to was a Biro but you get the idea. Rimmel say that this gives "one stroke maxi shine" and that this is "our most plumping formula with magnifying complex based on Hyaluronic spheres to voumize, smooth lips and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for fuller, plumper lips."

What did I think?

The giant wand makes application easier than I thought it would, I did only need one stroke per lip to apply the gloss. There is thankfully no taste or discernible fragrance which scores well with me as I'm not a fan of flavoured lip products. I was sent shade 121 "Excess" which I would describe as a lilac-y pink with blue undertones. I liked the colour and the shade would probably suit most people as it is quite sheer. The gloss is shiny without being sticky or feeling heavy and gloopy.

A few seconds after application the gloss creates a cooling, tingling feeling. I wasn't expecting this so it was a bit of a shock the first time I used the gloss. It didn't make my lips feel any plumper but that's probably the idea behind it. I'm hopefully too young to have fine lines and wrinkles on my lips but the gloss did give a really smooth finish and while it didn't make my lips feel plumper, glosses usually do give the appearance of fuller lips completed to matte lipsticks.

I didn't find this particularly long-lasting, after 2 hours it had completely disappeared but I think that's to be expected with a lipgloss as they're not usually known for their long-lasting qualities.

Vinyl Max Gloss is £5.49 and there are six shades to choose from. I think this is a good value gloss and I prefer it to Rimmel's standard Vinyl Gloss which I reviewed here.

What's your favourite lipgloss?


  1. I have a lipgloss from Soap And Glory that makes my lips tingle and i thought that there was something wrong with the lipgloss, like it has gone off or something! Very strange. I like the mac one - i think it's called Just Superb. It's such a subtle colour! x

  2. This looks really pretty and the wand is huge but I can imagine how easy it makes it to apply :) xx

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  3. Pretty colour :) Wow, that applicator is huge! But that's great it makes application easier. xx

  4. Ooh the colour looks great on your lips! I'm not a mahoosive lipgloss fan (half the time I end up munching it off by accident haha), but I am a fan of Mac's dazzleglasses x

  5. I like the colour! I am not a fan of lipglosses for the past 2 years. I just got so bored of them that my obsession is now lipstick. ;) X

  6. Very pretty gloss, I like the blue shimmer! :D I don't get on well with gloss, it doesn't last long on me, I feel really conscious that I'm wearing it compared to a lipstick. Love the color of this one :) xxx

  7. Such a pretty lipgloss. I love the colour. I have a lot of lip glosses, but never seem to wear them. I think I have a plumping one somewhere, so I'm definitely trying it out.

  8. I love the shade I have in Lovesick. They're great quality

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  10. ive tried the older version of this before didnt even know they had a new one :) xx
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